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Truck Bed Rail 2 Day Sale - 30% Off + Ship Free. Truck Bed Rails have to be some of the greatest truck accessories ever devised, since they provide both appealing style and functionality. Bed rails do a lot of things to and for your vehicle. Truck bed rails allow more tie-down areas, prevent cargo from dragging across the finish and scarring, marring or nicking the paint, and they look great as well. Get a pair of bed rails before your vehicle undergoes numerous poundings from luggage, lumber, and any other goods that you'll be hauling in the future. Full bed protection with Bed Rails for your truck is guaranteed from only the best in truck bed accessories... 4 Wheel Online!

4 Wheel Online offers a large selection of bed rails from the leading companies in the truck add-on industry. Unlike our competition, 4 Wheel Online has No Handling Fees or Hidden Charges ever! We'll beat anyone's prices on Truck Accessories.
Featured Truck Bed Rails
Stake Pocket Truck Bed Rails
Stake Pocket type truck bed rails are built specifically to fit your particular make and model truck. No drilling is necessary since this type of truck bed rail is clamped securely into the stake pocket of the truck bed, which makes these the fastest and easiest type of truck bed rails to install.
Universal Drill-Type Truck Bed Rails
Universal or 'Drill Type' truck bed rails require drilling into the top of the bed. This type of truck bed rail is extremely secure and while they may take a bit of extra time to install, they allow you to customize how your bed appears. For instance, you may opt for a short bed rail on a long-bed truck, for a truly custom appearance.
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Bed Rails Articles and Reviews
Truck Bed Rails for Unparalleled Utility and Appearance
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Most Truck Bed Rails manufacturers add unique features to their bed rail models to make them appealing and perfectly functional. Steel is the commonly used material to construct truck bed rails. With truck-bed rails, you can tie down bulky or oddly-shaped objects. Based on the style, bed rails can change the look of your truck. To achieve a complete custom look and improved visibility, you can install LED lights on your truck bed rails.
Tips to Help You Choose the Best Truck Bed Rails
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Choosing the perfect truck bed rail for a specific pickup truck can be a very complicated process for any driver. The process is complicated by the different truck bed rails currently available in the market. All these bed rails have different characteristics and features that appeal to different drivers and that is why the tips in the article may help you with your choice.
TRUCK BED RAILS: Affordable Rails Under $100
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Look, bed rails are important and all, especially for truckers that need to haul equipment in their bed. But who in the hell wants to pay an arm and a leg for these things? Fortunately, there are a lot of truck bed rails that are cheaply priced. How low? Well, there are a number of different models that are available for under $100. Check out the full list here.
How to Install Truck Bed Rails
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If you’ve just bought a truck bed rail, it probably means that you’re getting ready to install. Luckily, the entire process is simple and only requires a few tools. In fact, the entire process can be done in less than 30 minutes! 4WheelOnline has the step by step guide that can make the installation of Truck Bed Rails a breeze.
Truck Bed Rails Can Eliminate Expensive Tickets
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In today’s world, it’s important that truck drivers secure the cargo they keep in their truck bed. Many states are enforcing laws that can dole out over a thousand dollars in fines and press criminal charges against drivers. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is by installing a bed rail for your truck.
Improving a Truck’s Ugliest Feature with Truck Bed Rails
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People prefer looking at curves; how else would Kim Kardashian have become such a celeb? That’s bad news for the pickup truck which has a rear end that’s as curvaceous as a cinderblock. But a truck can be made to look good with bed rails. It’s amazing the difference a set of rails make to a pickup and with prices starting at $100 everyone can afford them.

More About Bed Rails

Widest Selection of Truck Bed Rails
Truck Bed Rails Add More Style into Your Truck
Bed Rails are Available in Unique Designs
State-of-the-Art Design and Functionality
Bed Rails are Available in Stainless Steel Chrome Finish
Available in Stainless Steel Chrome Finish
Bed Rails are Also Available in Black Finish
Also Available in Black Finish
Match Your Truck's Customized Look
Truck Bed Rails can be styled to match your truck's custom design
Made in the U.S.A
All Bed Rails are Manufactured in U.S

The Advantages of Equipping Bed Rails on Your Truck

Advantages of Adding a Bed Rail System on your Truck
  • All Bed Rail applications are made of stainless steel, will not rust , and will surely last a long time.
  • Installation is easy! Most require no drilling on trucks with stake pockets... you can actually do it yourself!
  • It adds an eye-catching look to your vehicle.
  • Its design allows for multiple tie-down locations for any truck bed cargo
Trucks and SUVs are not only reliable for their strength and endurance on and off-road travel, but they are the best means to carrying and transporting cargoes. However, not all trucks have bed rails built-in on the truck bed to keep cargoes secured and fastened.

We all know that when loads like boxes, furnishings, gears and other equipment are carried or transported, they slip or move around the vehicle whenever the truck picks up the pace or speeds up, or when the truck encounters road hazards like bumps or holes. How do we avoid these unwanted and unsafe movements of the cargoes in the trucks? The ready answer is the "bed rails". Having bed rails in the vehicle would keep the load from moving and slipping around, and keep them conveniently positioned at a certain area. Avoiding the odds of getting dents, marks and dings in the truck flooring or walls is an added function of the bed rails. Bed rails tie down large, heavy or important loads that will guarantee the safety of the vehicle as well as its loads and cargoes. These durable materials are attached to the top of the truck bed's sides to avoid the vehicle's paint from being scratched or chipped when loading or unloading the cargo in and from the truck. Bed rails increase the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle and keep its interiors almost dent-free. Neatly tying up the cargoes and keeping them locked on the bed rails would also prevent theft of these items.

Bed rails are generally made out of the finest stainless steel or chrome for long-lasting subsistence. They are also made of corrosion-resistant materials and can be customized to suit any vehicle. Crafted to fit and match the requirement and specification of any vehicle, bed rails are easy to install and does not require any elaborated changes or extravagant modifications.

Aside from preventing the loads from moving and slipping away, bed rails are also a means to enhance and improve the appearance and appeal of your vehicle. Some bed rails come with LED lights making your driving at night easier and safer.

Add that boost of function and style to your vehicle. Equip your vehicle with Bed Rails… functional and stylish! Get your preferred bed rails at 4 Wheel Online where we provide you with the only the best bed rail manufacturers. You wouldn't want cargo slipping out from the vehicle while speeding down the highway. Nor would you want any cargo moving around your truck-bed on curvy or rugged roads. For peace-of-mind and a safer drive, order and install truck bed rails for your vehicle.