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In order to bring you the very best, 4 Wheel Online has expanded and cemented itself as a coveted online retailer. This reputation has been developed because of our commitment to satisfying all of our customer's needs, so that their experience with us is second to none. We do this by focusing on a few key aspects that include:

  • Attending Important Auto Shows

    At auto shows like the world renowned SEMA Show, 4 Wheel Online develops long lasting relationships with manufacturers and discovers all of the latest and best automotive truck accessories for Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Toyota and Nissan. This helps us to bring you the best products at the cheapest prices.

  • Providing Detailed Videos

    With each passing day, the 4 Wheel Online video catalogue is growing and providing you with videos that detail installation techniques, as well as product features. We want your experience to be interactive and first rate every time that you enter our site.

  • Writing Interesting, Informative Articles

    These articles come out on a consistent basis and are aimed at answering all of your questions, while bringing you the latest, most entertaining news.


    For over a decade, 4 Wheel Online has been bringing the best truck accessories and truck parts to enhance the appearance and performance of all trucks and SUVs. We are dedicated to providing an extensive range of upgrades that will match any make or model on the road. Our truck products cover everything to give your truck a custom look and added functionality. In addition to these accessories, 4 Wheel Online is regarded as one of the premier retailers of aftermarket truck wheels and parts.

    In addition to these features, 4 Wheel Online also has a customer service center that is open 8am-8pm Monday through Thursday, 8am-7pm Friday and Saturday through Sunday 9am-7pm. Our representatives are well-versed in the automotive field and more than happy to help answer any of your questions. Also, they can help you find exactly what you are looking for at the lowest possible price. As you will see on our website, 4 Wheel Online takes great pride in having competitive pricing on all of our Truck accessories and parts for Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Toyota and Nissan. In fact, most of our truck parts are cheaper than other online stores. This is made possible because all of our truck accessories are located in one convenient warehouse, which allows us to save you money on shipping.

    Making improvements or replacing truck parts on your vehicle is a big task, and it should always be enjoyable. By working with 4 Wheel Online, you will be ensuring that your experience will be the very best. Not only do we have the very latest and highest quality products for Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Toyota and Nissan, but we have all of the videos and information to help you make sure the job is done the right way. In the end, your project no matter what it may be, will be a solid long lasting change for your vehicle. To stay in touch with everything 4 Wheel Online make sure you like our Facebook page and check out all of the awesome features on our website.

    Articles & Reviews

    Aftermarket Product Manufacturer Articles and Reviews
    Maxing out a 4x4 to conquer the trails, pimping a pickup for street cruising, or adding extra power to an SUV – it?s what owning a truck is all about. There?s never been a better time to personalize your pickup and there are hundreds of aftermarket manufacturers out there developing quality products. Meanwhile off-roading has grown more popular than ever and the choice of performance parts is at an all-time high. We review the top brands and hottest products here.
    Bed Rails Articles and Reviews
    One of the best parts about being a truck owner is the hauling capability that comes with having a truck bed. Of course, the truck bed is an open area, which is great for piling more into a truck. But, it's also important to make sure everything is secure in the opened up truck bed. One of the best tools for making sure everything is secure is truck bed rail.
    Brake Systems Articles and Reviews
    When it comes to safety, drivers are always thinking about crash test ratings, seat belts, and air bags. One of the most over looked and forgotten aspects of vehicle safety is the brake systems. Brake systems are designed to last for over ten thousand miles, but it's important to keep an eye on them in the meantime. 4wheelonline has all of the information that will help drivers take care of their brakes and keep them safe on the road.
    Bumper Articles and Reviews
    Dangerous elements are found not only off-road but on-road as well. For those driving off-road, there are the dangers of pits, trees, and other natural hazards. For on-road driving, drivers must beware of other drivers, deer, and a million other unpredictable elements. One way to protect the truck that you've worked so hard for is add extra protection through bumpers, lighting, and winches.
    Cold Air Intake Articles and Reviews
    Cold Air Intakes or CAI for short, are a popular and inexpensive way to add horsepower and fuel economy to any car truck or SUV.
    Exhaust Systems & Kits Articles and Reviews
    A good exhaust system is essential to get the maximum power out of an engine. The bigger the engine, the more exhaust gasses are produced, and if the exhaust system isn?t doing its job then backpressure builds up and reduces power. Trucks and SUV?s with V8s and big-block diesels need an exhaust that will maximize the engine?s power output. A performance exhaust system also looks better and sounds better than OEM systems.
    Floor Mats & Liners Articles and Reviews
    How the inside of your truck or SUV looks is just as important as how it looks on the outside. Food and drink spills, dirt, mud and pet hair quickly make a mess of carpets, so protect them with floor mats or liners. Tough enough to cope with everything you throw at them and easy to remove and hose off, a set of floor mats or floor liners will keep your pickup, Jeep or SUV looking like new.
    Leveling Kits Articles and Reviews
    A leveling kit keeps a truck or SUV riding straight and true. Factory-spec vehicles invariably ride higher at the front to compensate for the heavy engine or are raised up at the back in compensation for heavy loads. A leveling kit straightens everything out to keep a truck level and looking good, and because they don?t alter the suspension they don?t affect ride quality.
    Lift Kits Articles and Reviews
    Lift kits take a truck or SUV to a whole new level – literally! A lift kit raises the profile of a pickup to give it added height and a purposeful look, but there?s another equally important reason for having a lift kit installed. By raising the vehicle?s body by a few inches the lift kit opens up extra room under the fenders in which to fit bigger, chunkier tires and wheels. If you want to know about lift kits you?ll find it here.
    Miscellaneous Truck & SUV News and Views
    For all the latest news from the world of trucks and SUVs dive into the 4WheelOnline miscellaneous section. You?ll find breaking news from the auto manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers, the scoop on new trends, views from our experts and some of the more bizarre stories we?ve come across. Maybe you?ll find information that?ll give you ideas on modifying your pickup, or perhaps you?ll see something you can laugh about with your buddies.
    Mud Flap Articles and Reviews
    Mud Flaps are an important accessory that many people overlook as something for big rig trucks. They actually are great for trucks of all sizes, they play a big roll in keeping things clean an dent free. They also help to make the roads safer from flying rocks and what not.
    Snow Plow Articles and Reviews
    Here we have SnowSport plows! THe only brand to trust for all your plow needs all year long
    Trailer Wheels Articles and Reviews
    Trailer Wheels has found its niche in the aftermarket world by focusing all of their energy on providing the very best wheels for the often forgotten trailer. Their aluminum wheels and five spoke design are aimed at dissipating heat on your brakes and lightening the load for your truck. All of this, of course, will help drivers save money at the gas tank, as well. To check out more about Trailer Wheels click here.