5th Wheel Tailgates

5th Wheel Tailgates

Choose your Fifth Wheel Tailgate Below

Go Industries Stainless V-Gate Go Industries V-Gate Tailgates

Increase your Truck fuel mileage by improving the aerodynamic air flow of your truck by using Stainless Stell V-Gate Tailgate from Go Industries.

Go Industries Painted V-Gate Go Industries Painted V-Gate Tailgates

Perfect for Truck owners that are into hitching 5th wheel trailers and want to have their truck a good aesthetics with better airflow then this Painted V-Gate Tailgates from Go Industries suits all your needs

Go Industries Louvered V-Gate Go Industries Louvered V-Gate Tailgates

Enchances the airflow of your Truck when driving on the road and improve your trucks' fuel efficency. With its unique V-shape design you can now witch a fifth wheel much easier.