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What to Do When the Truck Exhaust Pipe Gets Too Noisy
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The truck exhaust just like any other accessory can be damaged if used for a long time. When exhausts are damaged, the noise they produce will be distorted and disturbing. There are several ways to fix this situation depending on the damage. A loose tailpipe can be fixed by reattaching it to the frame of the truck. For holes on the exhaust, blocking the holes is the best and long lasting solution.
What Are the Different Parts of an Exhaust System?
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One of the most important parts of a vehicle’s engine is the exhaust system. Inside of this system there are three major parts: the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, and the muffler. Each of these has a distinct function that helps your engine run smoothly and efficiently. To find out exactly how these parts work, check out our article here.
How Does a Muffler Work?
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Before you go out and purchase a new exhaust system and/or muffler, it’d be a good idea to do some research about how mufflers really work. In this article, 4wheelonline delivers all of the comprehensive information concerning the workings of a muffler.

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