LED Light Bar

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Truck LED Light Bars are available in both Flood and Spot styles and Single or Double row configurations. Light Bars can range from 6 inches to 54 inches in length. These truck light bars can be used off road and also for work, such as construction, industrial or agricultural. Because of the wide variety of brackets, these lights can be mounted almost anywhere, and many of these lights come with their own brackets. They can be found spanning the top of a vehicle windshield, or in a grille insert or bumper. LED Light Bars have become extremely popular. They add a great, rugged and sporty look to any vehicle. LED's have the advantage of using less energy, generating less heat, lasting longer, and being more durable and waterproof. But most of all they generate much more light. We offer a wide assortment of LED Light Bars in different styles and configurations from a variety of manufacturers. If we can assist you, Please call us, we are here seven days a week to help.

Our led light bars are available in two main categories; namely, the double stack light bars and the single stack light bars. Each of these categories features various models and designs to match your style. They’ve also proved to be relatively tough and resistant to wear. Plus, they are highly preferred for off-road excursions owing to their resistance against heavy pounding of bumpy trail conditions. Other notable aspects of these led light bars include great light output, energy efficiency, and moisture resistance.