Truck Bed Products and Truck Bed Accessories

Seeking good looks, safety, and durability of your truck bed, all of them are right here at the lowest prices and free shipping. Avoid headache and repairs of truck bed. Gear up any truck with the products that does not only style the truck, but also provide outstanding protection from weather to hanging out with friends or picking up heavy loads. Enhance the use of any truck by equipping truck beds, truck bed caps, bed liners, tailgate sealing and bed mats that protect the truck from massive impacts, paint scratches and unwanted rust. Make the back of any truck as good as the front.
Tailgate Accessories
Tailgate Easylift <br>Hoppy
Make that Heavy Tailgate Light as a Feather!
TrailSeal <br>TailGate Seal
Extra Sealing at a great Price!
Pace Edwards<br /> Power Gate
electric tailgate lock

Pace Edwards PowerGate

The PE Power Gate is an electric tailgate lock that can be locked or unlocked at the push of a button (just like the main passenger doors!). Never struggle finding your tailgate key again. The PowerGate is the premiere electric truck bed lock and it's affordable!

Pop and Lock Key Operated Tailgate Lock
tailgate lock

Pace Edwards Pop & Lock

is the ideal add-on for your Pace Edwards tonneau cover. It maximizes security for trucks with caps and tonneau covers. It's easy to install in less than 15 minutes with basic hand tools and is available for most popular full size and small trucks