Locking Hubs

Locking Hubs are on Sale. Warn makes the best locking hubs available. Warn Locking Hubs are 25% Off & Ship Free. WARN Locking Hubs feature a strong, corrosion-resistant, die-cast alloy body. Warn precision tolerances result in lengthened hub life, increased contact area and reduced driveline lash. Warn locking hubs could have used lower-cost sandcast steel. But then these wouldn't be WARN locking hubs, would they?

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Warn Locking Hubs

For maximum durability, all WARN Locking Hubs use a 4140 chrome-moly steel inner-drive gear and clutch ring which combine for a durable, high-strength locking hub. It's all protected from the elements by high quality gaskets or O-rings on all mating surfaces. Small wonder Warn manual hubs come with a Warn lifetime warranty.

Warn Locking Hubs

Locking Hubs (a.k.a. wheeling hubs) at Wheel Online are an auto accessory fitted to several kinds of four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles. The locking hubs allow the front wheels to be detached from the front half shafts manually. At 4 Wheel online, we carry the most sophisticated and preferred locking hub from Warn Manual Hubs. The locking hub features a strong corrosion-resistant, die-cast alloy body and uses a 4140 chrome-moly steel inner-drive gear and clutch ring that are combined for a durable, high-strength locking hub.

How Do Locking Hubs Work

It is said that without the help of locking hubs, the front wheels would turn the front half shafts which would also turn front driveshaft and differential. On the other hand, if this accessory was switched appropriately, it will enable the front wheels to turn independently to the drivetrain.

Aside from its primary role, locking hubs also provide a lot of benefits to you and your vehicle as well. One of these is better fuel efficiency or thermal efficiency. It also provides lower wear, less vibration and quieter operation.

Our featured locking hubs from Warn provide all these great benefits at best prices that you can ever find. Warn Locking Hubs are also protected from the elements by superb quality gaskets or O-rings on all mating surfaces. And because these locking hubs are manufactured for maximum durability, you can definitely expect a lifetime of extensive use.

Though locking hubs are particularly made to engage or disengage the front wheels from the front axle shafts, the idea was still to keep the parts that are not needed in 2WD mode from rotating. This is essential in reducing mechanical drag and saving gas. During bad weather, it is also recommended to leave the hubs locked to allow you to shift in and out of 4WD whenever the need arises. The drive lines will synchronize if the locking hubs are left engaged. Keep in mind that leaving your hubs locked will cause no damage or harm to your vehicle and will not even influence its handling. The good news about it is that you don't have to deal with the hassle-free stop just to shift into 4WD.

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