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4 Wheel Online is a Premium Retailer of tonneau covers. We have the absolute most comprehensive selection at rock-bottom Lowest Prices you can find on the internet. Tonneau Covers are one of the most important accessories that you can add to your truck. Because our featured Covers are constructed of the most resilient materials and components by the most recognized manufacturers, you can rest assured that these Covers will stand the test of time. Every Tonneau that we carry is purposefully engineered specifically for your truck, and will add a aerodynamic profile to your truck which helps to improve your fuel efficiency. Hauling your tools and valuables will will never be an issue, All you have to do is to cover and lock them up. Now, you can enjoy convenient and worry-free travel.
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With tonneau covers available in so many different types, multiple applications for each type, it's important to know which to choose and what you want to use it for. For a work truck, it may be important to you to invest in a strong cover that allows space for a tool box, while also allowing it to be opened at either the cab or tailgate end. For your everyday get-around truck, an easy to use soft tonneau cover may be the prefect solution to cover groceries in the bed, or other common cargo that may need protection from the elements or just to keep the cargo from blowing out of the bed of your truck. 4 Wheel Online provides every type of tonneau to make sure you have your shopping options accessible with a click.
Tonneau Cover Articles and Reviews
Get Guaranteed Protection of Your Cargo with Tonneau Covers
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Tonneau covers have been around for a while and are used to protect the truck bed while giving it an upgraded look. Protecting the truck bed is more than just covering the cargo as the cover needs to be lockable if the cargo is to be safe. Truck bed covers come in different designs with different security features. This article looks at the hard and soft tonneau covers and highlights some of their specific security features.
Getting In Touch With the Different Categories of Tonneau Covers
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When you have a job that require you to make maximum use of your truck bed, a tonneau cover becomes a must have accessory that you will want to carry around at all times. It makes the truck bed work like the trunk of any normal car giving the cargo inside complete protection. Let’s discuss some of the main designs that you are bound to find in the market today.
Hard Tonneau Covers: Everything You Need to Know
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Diamond Back ® Truck Covers are cool functional truck covers perfect for off-roaders, truck enthusiasts, service fleets and professionals as well. They are ideal for utmost safety of cargo. Diamond Back Tonneau Covers are characteristic of individually removable panels, access to the Truck Bed, top hauling and light in weight forged from 0.080inch aluminum alloy. They have a butterfly open design allowing for side and large rear side access.
Keeping Gear Safe With Roll N Locks
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Whether you’re running into a grocery store or parking your truck overnight, it can be a bit rattling knowing you have valuables left in the bed of your truck. Unless you have a 20’’ lift, nothing is stopping thieves from peeking their eyes into your vehicle’s bed. Luckily, there is now a tonneau cover that keeps your gear out of sight and under a lock and key. Click Here to see the different types Roll N Lock tonneau covers that are available for your ride.
Why Use a Tonneau Cover?
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A tonneau cover transforms a truck. Giving a clean, sleek line to the back end, a tonneau is the perfect solution for covering up a messy truck bed. But Tonneaus also provide protection against the elements as well as security for your tools and equipment. By keeping the rain and snow out, a tonneau helps ward against rust and of course a locked tonneau cover is a great line of defense against would-be thieves coming after whatever you’re hauling.
Tonneau Covers Will Help With Gas Mileage
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Can you still remember when gas prices were 99 cents per gallon? It seems like it’s been forever since those prices hung above local gas stations, but it was only 15 years ago. Everyone is looking to cut down on the gas bill. If you’re a truck owner that wants to cut down on your gas bill, you should consider getting a Tonneau Cover. Tonneau Covers reduce drag and help your truck to be more aerodynamic. Here at 4 Wheel Online, we have all of the information about Tonneau Covers and the companies that produce them.
Installation Guide for Folding Tonneau Covers
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Folding Tonneau covers are one of the smartest investments a truck owner can make in his or her vehicle; providing increased aerodynamics, protection for valuables in the truck bed and a great-looking, streamlined profile. Of course, none of these characteristics are possible without a proper installation, and even though most manufacturers have pre-fabricated their designs to assure a perfect fit on your vehicle, it is possible to hit a snag here and there in the installation process. Read More...
Installation Guide for Retractable Tonneau Covers
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Retractable Tonneau covers provide the perfect blend of the convenient access, aesthetics and weather-tight security. Made from either vinyl, aluminum or fiberglass, they are sturdy like a bank vault when shut and open quickly with the press of a button or flip of a switch to reveal the truck bed when you need it without having to remove the cover. Some models such as the Pace Edwards Bedlocker Electric open by remote control, bringing an already advantageous idea to a new level of genius through hands free operation. Read More...
Installation Guide for Roll Up Tonneau Covers
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Purchasing a Roll-up Tonneau cover is one of the best decisions a truck owner can make. With that said – Congratulations! No doubt, you have taken oodles of free time asking friends as well as reading articles, product reviews and manufacturer specifications in deciding which Tonneau cover would be the most aerodynamic, provide the most protection for your valuables and dress your vehicle look as though it were being showcased in an auto show. Read More...
Tonneau Cover Maintenance and Cleaning Tips
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Regular maintenance of your Tonneau cover is easy, inexpensive, and requires only about 20 minutes of your time – an investment well worth what it will save you in money to replace it. In addition, giving your Tonneau cover the appropriate care will be sure to sustain the manufactures warranty - an important consideration in the event that something beyond your control happens to your Tonneau Cover. Read More...
Choosing a Proper Fitting Tonneau Cover for Your Truck
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With so many types and styles of Tonneau Covers to choose from, selecting one that is guaranteed to fit your truck can be bewildering, especially when U.S. light-duty truck makers produce about 20 variations of the truck cab. In this article, we explain the key differences between the different types of Tonneau covers, including considerations for installation and functionality, as well as ensuring you get a Tonneau Cover that is guaranteed to fit your truck. Read More...
Hard Tonneau Covers Articles and Reviews
Hard tonneau covers will protect your cargo from theft and damage much better than any other type of tonneau cover. They are made with tough materials such as aluminum which are not easily dented or destroyed. What you get with a hard tonneau cover is the peace of mind of knowing your cargo is totally secure. It is therefore recommended for drivers who often carry valuable items at the back of their truck.
Tonneau Covers at 4WheelOnline.Com

Building relationships in the tonneau cover industry has allowed us to bring our customers some of the lowest prices on the web. We personal hard picked each manufacture for their fine craftsmanship and know that you'll be more than satisfied with your purchase. Browse through our selection and find the cover that's right for you needs. Below outlines some of our more populate tonneau covers:

Hard Tonneau Covers provide optimal security. Within the past several years, these hard tonneau covers have dominated the market. Ever so popular for the outdoor enthusiast, Diamondback offers the most durable cover that will carry up to two ATV's; if that's not impressive, than what is? We offer other reputable brands like Torza, Tonno Pro, and Undercover. If you want the most secure cover on the market, than look no further than a Hard Cover.

Roll-Up Tonneau Covers comes in both hard and soft material. Roll-Ups are great for those individuals who want full access to their truck bed at any given time. With a wide variety to choose from, we are confident that you will find exactly what you're looking for. Our most popular is Access, but don't refuse to look at Roll N Lock, and Pace Edwards, for they too offer some great features.

Hinged Tonneau Covers are exactly as the name implies. These covers typically hinge to the front of your truck bed and in some special cases hinge in the center. We offer the complete line of Undercover, Diamondback, and Extang. Look over the specifications to determine which one fits your needs.

Folding and Flip Tonneau Covers are the most common cover purchased for trucks. Made from a wide range or materials including ABS, aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass, you can be sure they are crafted with the upmost durability. No matter what your brand of choice is, your cargo will be safe and secure from the elements of Mother Nature and wondering hands.

Retractable Tonneau Cover are quite similar to a roll- up cover. These retractable bed covers typically roll up into a designated storage unit at the front of the bed. Retractable covers compliment every truck and will allow truck owners access to the entire bed without limiting their trucks function. For your convenience we carry both manual and electric covers.

Tool Box Tonneau Covers are specially designed to fit trucks with a tool box. This will give truck owners the best of both worlds with the ability to access their equipment yet be able to store items out of harms way.

We hope that the information we gave above has oriented you with the great features of each tonneau cover that we offer. If you are still uncertain with your pick, check out our articles page or contact one of our knowledgeable and keen customer service representatives that can provide you with the most accurate information that you need.

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