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Shock Absorber Articles and Reviews
Shock Absorber Information - The Basics
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Having a good set of shock absorbers can help to reduce the amount of up-and-down movement that a truck experiences. This protection helps to give drivers a smoother ride and helps with the overall safety of the truck. It also helps to preserve and protect the integrity of a truck. To find out more, come check out our Shock Absorber Basics Article.
Types of Shock Absorbers
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When all is well, Shock Absorbers do their work unnoticed and without fuss – absorbing kinetic energy deflected from the tires, body and frame to optimize control, ride quality and carrying capacity. In contrast, they are of particular notice to manufacturers, whom have created numerous types of shock absorbers for a wide array of applications. In this article, we examine the 5 general types of Shock Absorbers and describe their qualities, construction, benefits and applications.

Truck Shock Absorbers

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The Right Shock Absorbers will enhance your riding experience, they give you a safer ride and provide you with better control of the vehicle, and serve many purposes, but the main purpose of this energy-absorbing device is to stop a moving load with a minimum load rebound, with the minimum shock to the surrounding equipment and minimum shock to the load. Determining the type and weight of the load is critical when determining what Shock Absorber to get. Knowing the weight is important because there are several types of loads that can be encountered in its applications. The type of load includes pure inertial, rotating, free-falling and loads subjected to an additional propelling force. After considering the type of load, it is important to know the load weight and velocity. Having basic knowledge is critical when determining what Truck Shocks are appropriate for your vehicle.

Next to the type of load are the load weight and velocity that are essential in choosing the size of shocks. Aside from that, the number of impacts per unit of time as well as ambient conditions and potential shock to equipment are also important factors that should be taken into account along with your decision making.

Shock applications must also be significant part of your selection. There are various application conditions that need to be given an immediate attention, such application conditions include load acceleration, maximum propelling force applied to the load, the time limitations imposed in the equipment and extreme temperatures. Under the time limitations, you also have to include minimum and maximum cycle times.

When choosing, we recommend shocks of 50 to 60% of capacity. This is because the quantity of impact that the shock absorbers can manage is inversely proportional to the strength length of its stroke. Thus, if you double the stroke, it will cut the impact of the load in half. We hope that the information above will help you select the right Truck Shocks for your vehicle. If you still need help choosing what fits your needs, than feel free to call our representatives for further assistance. We strive to provide you with as much information to help with your purchase.

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