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Fender Flares are one of the top upgrades for trucks and SUVs. We Offer the largest selection of Leading Brands, at the LOWEST Prices, with FREE Shipping! There are at least two reasons to add a set of Fender Flares to your vehicle, the first and foremost being extended tire coverage for over sized wheel / tire combos. If you have upgraded your vehicle's stock tire size, a new Fender Flare is more than an aesthetic requirement and in some states a legal requirement. Even if you want to stick with the stock tire size on your vehicle, a set of Truck Fender Flares can dramatically enhance the appearance of your truck. Click HERE for Jeep Fender Flares

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Fender Flare Articles and Reviews
Fender Flare Products for All Truck Makes
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As opposed to other truck makes, Jeep fender flares are made to only provide an overhead cover and thus do not extend to the side of the tire. Their signature look stays the same regardless of which manufacturer to purchase your fender flare from. Other fender flare manufacturers we have listed offer a variety of fender flare options for all truck owners. They include Bushwacker, EGR, TrueEdge, Rugged Ridge, Prestige and Smittybilt. Read More...
Restoring the Factory Shine to Faded Fender Flares
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Fender flares whether factory installed or aftermarket ones are bound to fade after some years of use. To help restore the factory shine there are a number of techniques that can be applied including repainting the flares, using cleaning products or using paint conditioners. Paint conditioners are perfect as they last longer that all the other methods. The article looks at some of the steps you can follow to restore the shine of your Jeep Wrangler fender flares.
Knowing the Basics About Fender Flares
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Just because someone is a truck owner, it doesn’t necessarily make him or her a truck enthusiast. When you see an owner who is an enthusiast, it becomes painfully obvious that their vehicle is much more than a mode of transportation: it’s a statement. From custom paintjobs to under-the-hood performance, the ability to modify the machine is what makes driving a truck so much fun.
Fender Flares - Making a Truck Stand Out
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The AC Cobra and the Willys Jeep are two very different icons that share one iconic style – fender flares. The AC would be nothing without those wide wheel arches and the Willys is defined by its aggressive and angular front fenders. A set of fender flares will make your pickup or Jeep stand out from the crowd, and although you might not reach iconic status your ride will look sensational. Read more here…
Jeep Fender Flares Information, a Brand Review
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Jeep is one of the few vehicle brands instantly recognized by off-road enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. With its unmistakable seven slot grille and round headlamps, the aggressive, robust style of the Jeep has scaled the tests of time. For over 70 years Jeep has dominated roads and trails without discretion. However, even the most dedicated enthusiast knows there is always room for improvement in performance and protection. In this article, we look at EGR, Smittybilt, Beestop and Bushwacker Jeep Fender Flares.
How to Paint Fender Flares
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If you've been looking at Fender Flares, then you know they are a relatively inexpensive and easy way to bring a custom look to your vehicle while bringing an element of protection from road debris flung up during travel. A less known feature inclusive of Fender Flares is that they are made ready to paint for a seamless finish with the color of your vehicle. In this article, we explain the process by which Fender Flares can be painted, from finding the color to match your vehicle to making the finishing touches for a body-shop worthy performance.
How to Install a Bushwacker Fender Flare on your Truck or SUV
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Bushwacker is well known for the quality and style of their Fender Flares. While installation is relatively easy, there are some additional tips not covered in the typical instruction manual that can make the process even quicker and easier. In this article, we cover some of these tips, and include them within the context of basic installation instructions.
3 Tips for Choosing Fender Flares
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Fender Flares are a pretty straightforward aftermarket accessory for trucks, Jeeps and SUV's. However, there are some often overlooked details to pay attention to when selecting a Fender Flare that can result in a mismatched product for your vehicle. In this brief article, we eliminate all the elaborate categories manufacturers have for Fender Flares today, and give you 3 simple tips to follow when selecting the right one for your vehicle.
Fender Flares a Buyers Guide
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Choosing a Fender Flare for your vehicle might seem like a simple task. However, with all the styles to choose from and slight difference between installation and coverage over your wheel well, you will want to read this article first. Here, we explain the differences between the most popular types of Fender Flares - from OEM to Pocket Style and Cut-Out to Street Style.
Fender Flare Manufacturer Articles and Reviews
Bushwacker Fender Flare Reviews and Information
Bushwacker Fender Flare Reviews and Information, Bushwacker began making fender flares for the Ford Bronco back in the 1960s. Although the iconic Bronco is sadly long gone, Bushwacker continue to lead the aftermarket in fender flares and accessories for trucks and Jeeps. The Bushwacker range includes 5 different styles of fender flares, each designed to be easily installed using existing bodywork holes wherever possible. Tough and durable, Bushwacker is the #1 name in fender flares.
EGR Fender Flares Articles and Reviews
EGR Truck Fender Flares can all be easily attached to your truck without drilling. EGR Incorporated is a privately-owned manufacturer and distributor of quality automotive accessories in North America. Located in Ontario, California, EGR is proud to manufacture over 80% of its products in the USA. As the chosen supplier to almost every OEM in North America and many other OEMs around the world, EGR prides itself on producing the highest quality Truck Fender Flares, made to last a lifetime.


The Premium Brand is made of UV stable OE quality materials that are custom molded for the fit of each vehicle. They come ready to install with no drilling and can easily be painted to match any color. The black matte finish features a subtle texture that enhances the look and provides durable protection. The OEM styling of these Truck Fender Flares can give a "like new" limited edition look to any truck or SUV.

$50 Instant Rebate! Limited Time Only!


Prestige offers three different styles, and each of those is available in a textured or standard finish. These Truck Fender Flares are easy to install, simply attach with the strong adhesive tape (included), or they bolt right into the existing factory holes! All styles and textures of can be painted to match the vehicle color, or leave them black. The OE quality ABS plastic offers superior durability, backed by a lifetime warranty.

$50 Instant Rebate! Limited Time Only!


Bushwacker is one of the top choices among off-road enthusiasts and owners of built-up street trucks alike, offering a rugged and sporty look proven to protect your vehicle so you can keep your focus where it belongs - on performance. Their Fender Flares are Proudly made in the U.S.A., they offer a vast selection of styles for vehicles from the 1970's all the way to the present. Guaranteed with a limited-lifetime warranty, you can count on these Fender Flares to stand up to the most harsh of conditions, and look-good doing it.

Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge All Terrains feature a stylish rivet look and incorporate a special UV treatment to resist degradation longer than other Fender Flares. That's why they back their Flares with an industry leading 3 year warranty. They install with no drilling and are very competitively priced. For 07-11 Silverado, 02-05 Dodge Ram, 99-10 Superduty and 04-08 F150.

Low Price!


EGR offers three styles, OEM Look, Rugged Look, and Bolt-On look. All come in a ready to paint with a smooth finish. Bolt-On Look Fender Flares feature stainless steel bolts for authentic style. Rugged Look Fender Flares give the most tire coverage for ample protection from thrown road debris. They also supply products to most original equipment manufacturers in North America, choose these Flares for real OEM quality.

G2 Fender Flares

G2 is the newest flares on the market that add style and functionality to your truck without putting a hole in your wallet. Three styles available and each was designed with a specific purpose in mind. Check back soon to order your own G2 Fender Flares!


Fender Flare Additional Tire Coverage* Material Finish Description Special Offers
G2 ABS Plastic Smooth Black Ideal for custom paint - Limited Lifetime Warranty $50 Instant Rebate
Premium .75"-1" Polypropylene Matte Highest Quality Material, Great Customer Satisfaction, On Sale Now! $50 Instant Rebate
Prestige 1.5" ABS Plastic Standard & Textured The Best OEM Flare, Editor's Choice! On Sale Now! $50 Instant Rebate
EGR 1"-2" ABS Plastic Lightly Textured Very durable flares with many vehicle applications, great flares!
Bushwacker .75"-1.5" Dura-Flex® ABS Smooth Widest Range of Vehicle Applications for OEM Flares.
Fender Flare Additional Tire Coverage* Material Finish Description Special Offers
Smittybilt 1.5" ABS Lightly Textured The Number 1 "Rivet Style" Fender Flares! On Sale Today! $50 Instant Rebate
G2 3"-3.5" ABS Plastic Smooth & Textured No drilling is required. Limited Lifetime Warranty! $50 Instant Rebate
Prestige 3"-3.5" ABS Plastic Standard & Textured The Best Rivet Flare, Editor's Choice! On Sale Now! $50 Instant Rebate
Rugged Ridge 2" ABS Plastic Matte Special UV treatment for longevity and style.
EGR 3" ABS Plastic Lightly Textured Very durable, many vehicle applications, great flare!
Bushwacker 2"-2.5" Dura-Flex® ABS Smooth The most vehicle applications of any rivet style flare.
Fender Flare Additional Tire Coverage* Material Finish Description Special Offers
G2 2" ABS Plastic Smooth & Textured Perfect for oversize wheels & tires. Limited Lifetime Warranty! $50 Instant Rebate
Prestige 4"-6" ABS Plastic Standard & Textured Great width, aggressive look, 5 Stars - Editor's Choice! On Sale Now! $50 Instant Rebate
EGR 4" ABS Plastic Lightly Textured Good width, light texture, good customer satisfaction.
Bushwacker 2.25"-3" Dura-Flex® ABS Smooth The most vehicle applications of all wide style fender flares!
Fender Flare Additional Tire Coverage* Material Finish Description Special Offers
Bushwacker 2.5"-5" Dura-Flex® ABS Smooth The only cut-out flares, for use with huge tires.
Fender Flare Additional Tire Coverage* Material Finish Description Special Offers
G2 0-1" ABS Plastic Smooth & Textured No drill or taping required! Limited Lifetime Warranty. $50 Instant Rebate
Bushwacker .75" Dura-Flex® ABS Smooth Great coverage for stock or slightly larger tires, many applications for truck and SUV!

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