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Truck Nerf Bars are on Sale. If you're looking for a specific manufacturer of a Truck Nerf Bar, running boards or side steps, you are more than likely to find it here. 4 Wheel Online carries a huge and comprehensive assortment of Truck Nerf Bars and truck bed access accessories from the most recognized names in the automotive aftermarket products industry. We have Oval, Round, Wheel 2 Wheel and more Truck Nerf Bars for any Truck or even SUV you may have.
Shop Nerf Bars by Finish
In order to diversify your choices and make your selection personal and custom, 4 Wheel Online provides Nerf Bars from multiple manufacturers with offerings of black, chrome, and stainless steel finishes. Here you can select the finish that best suits your attitude and style, and/or that matches your truck finish, effects or trim.
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There are a variety of Nerf Bars styles to choose from. There are also smaller and simple Side Steps and for the rear of your vehicle there are Hitch Steps. The older traditional Running Boards are becoming very popular again, as manufacturers have given them a face lift, making them more stylish and even more functional. Nerf bars now come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Many years ago the common Nerf Bar was 3 inches wide, but over the past few years they have grown to 4 inches, then 5 inches and now even 6 inches. Currently the most cutting edge and popular Nerf Bar is from NFAB, which combines a Side Step and a Nerf Bar into a Stylish and Functional Bar.
Nerf Bar Articles and Reviews
The Nerf Bar’s Role in Modern Racing
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Back in the day, drivers use to race around the track battering each other with nerf bars. That seems like a pretty archaic way to fight it out on the track, right? Well, guess what; there are still circuits that heavily feature the nerf bar as a weapon of choice for drivers. I guess it should be no surprise that these are some of the coolest and most exciting races out there today. Check out more here.
The Evolution of the Nerf Bar in All Its Shapes and Sizes
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Have you ever asked yourself where the term nerf bar came from and even more specifically the term nerf? It’s has nothing to do with the inventor of the nerf bar or his home town. The need for nerf bars initially came up when race car drivers needed to protect themselves from the brief collisions they experience when overtaking each other.
Purchasing the Right Nerf Bars
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If you’re a truck owner, how could you go without a nerf bar? These simple, cheap tools help drivers not only in and out of their truck, but also help to add an extra element of style to a ride. But what is the best Nerf bar for your ride? Well, come check out some of the industry’s best insight to help you make a decision. Click here for more.
Exploring Different Types of Nerf Bars
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Whether you’re hopping in or out of your truck, the distance between your floorboard and the ground can seem increasingly intimidating, especially if you have a lifted truck. In fact, it can be downright dangerous, especially in wet weather. Luckily, Nerf Bars are there to make the shift out of your truck a little easier. But which Nerf Bar is right for you? Click Here to see the different types of Nerf Bars that you can install on your truck.
Truck Nerf Bars Will Prevent Injuries
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In today’s world, health care costs are on the rise and hard-working, everyday people are having trouble making sure they are healthy and fit. The best way to side step these inflated health care costs is to take preventative measures. For example, a bottle of multi vitamins is only 6 dollars compared to a doctor’s visit for a cold, which costs 100 dollars. The same goes for truck owners. Today, scores of truck owners are falling victim to back and muscle injuries from climbing in and out of their trucks. The key is to get the extra assistance that makes this just a little bit easier.
What is the Difference Between Running Boards and Nerf Bars
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Running Boards and Nerf Bars are some of the best accessories for your truck or car. But how do you know which one to choose? There are a few things to know before making that choice, and we are here to help you learn more.
Installing Nerf Bars on Vehicles Without Pre-Drilled Body Holes
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Nerf Bars are typically one of the easiest aftermarket accessories to install on a truck, Jeep or SUV. However, some vehicles may not include the correct mounting holes under the body to properly mount a Nerf Bar. If your vehicles is one of these, then this article is for you.
Choosing the Right Nerf Bar for your Truck or SUV
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At first glance, many Nerf Bars look and feel the same - an extra step into your vehicle, usually round or oval, and are either a black or chrome finish, right? Well, we hate to tell anyone they're wrong, but when taking a closer look, there are more subtle, but important features that become apparent. In this buyers guide article, we examine the differences between the types of Nerf Bars on the market today, from aesthetics to materials used, and how these factors affect their functionality. Get ready... it's time to 'step up' into a new set of Nerf Bars.
Installing a Westin Nerf Bar on a Regular Cab Truck or SUV
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Nerf Bars are one of the most common aftermarket accessories for trucks, Jeeps and SUV's. While they are relatively simple in their design and application, it can still be slightly tricky to get them right - especially if you're a newbie DIY'er. In this article, we cover how to install a Westin Nerf Bar on a regular cab turck or an SUV. In addition to giving you an easy step-be-step process to follow, we cover some common mistakes, product issues and of course, how to solve them.
Nerf Bar Manufacturer Articles and Reivews
Aries Nerf Bars Articles and Reviews
Aries Nerf Bars are here to stay, with a long history of making quality parts for trucks and now suv as well as cuv Aries is a name you can trust. They make a wide variety of different Nerf Bars for many different styles and wants.
Nerf Bar Articles and Reviews
In this section, we cover everything there is to know about Nerf Bars - from their inception into the aftermarket universe to installation techniques, product reviews and comparisons of today's Nerf Bars as well as tip and tricks for keeping them shiny and new.
Romik Articles and Reviews
Romik Nerf Bars now 30% Off and Ship Free. Romik Nerf Bars are made from 100% Stainless Steel that endure a lifetime of abuse. They are available in black or stainless steel finish. These Nerf Bars are easy to install and require no drilling. Made from 2,5" stainless steel bars, these nerf bars are the epitomy of combined form and function. The Nerf Bars feature seamless end caps unlike other tube steps that have plastic inserts. Romik Nerf Bars are made from 100% Stainless Steel that endure a lifetime of abuse. Romik Max Nerf Bars are available in black or stainless steel finish, and are easy to install and require no drilling.
Running Boards Articles and Reviews
There are lighted, light-weight yet rigid aluminum, paintable, short, long wheel-base boards and even automated running boards that automatically 'hide' when not in use. Running boards make boarding your truck or SUV safe with wide step surfaces, many with textured step pads for added sure-footed security. Lighted running boards will make getting in the truck much easier under low-light situations and give a nice effect on the road at night.
Westin Nerf Bar Articles and Reviews
Westin Nerf Bars which are also known as Westin Side Steps, these add style and function, and at an affordable price. With such a large demand from their customers, Westin Nerf Bars are available in different styles, sizes, to choose from, and either a Black or a Polished finish. On the cutting edge of technology, we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with your Westin Nerf Bars.

Choosing the Right Nerf Bar for your Truck or SUV
truck nerf bar
N-Fab makes a classy yet modern presentation with their stunning stepped nerf bars.

4WheelOnline, February 12. - Think all nerf bars are pretty much the same – just an extra step to help you get in and out of your vehicle? Think again. Nerf bars come in all shapes and sizes, many different finishes and with many custom touches.

Whether you are fitting nerf bars for the visual impact they add to a truck, Jeep or SUV, or adding them to assist climbing into a lifted vehicle, you'll want to get the right set of nerf bars.

In this feature our panel of experts go though the various options available, examining the different materials used to make them, their aesthetics, and most importantly their characteristics and functionality. If you want to 'step up' into a new set of nerf bars our buyer's guide is essential reading.

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4WheelOnline, May 3. Run-ning Boards vs. Nerf Bars

nerf bar step

Running Boards and nerf bars are some of the most popular accessories for trucks and cars. Immortalized by the iconic vehicles of the 1920s and 1930s running boards (and more recently nerf bars) still give a vehicle that added visual edge, but with so many options available today, how do you know which one to choose? Oval nerf bars, wheel-to-wheel nerf bars, underlit running boards – there are several things to consider before making a choice, and here our experts help you learn more.

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4WheelOnline, February 14. - Installing Nerf Bars on Vehicles Without Pre-Drilled Body Holes - Typically nerf bars are one of the easiest aftermarket accessories to install on a truck, Jeep or SUV, adding instant sex appeal to your vehicle. Most vehicles have installing nerf barexisting mounting holes on the underside of the body, but on rare occasions a part-icular vehicle may not have any mounting points or feature them in the wrong position to accommodate aftermarket nerf bars. If you're having trouble fitting your new nerf bars, our professionals walk you through it step-by-step in this easy to use guide. -

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4WheelOnline, February 7. - Installing a Westin Nerf Bar on a Regular Cab Truck or SUV - Nerf Bars have become one of the most common aftermarket accessories to fit to a truck, Jeep or SUV. Specially manufactured to be simple in their design and application, fitting new nerf bars is a relatively easy task. However, it can be a little bit daunting for anyone not used to adding modifications and customizing their vehicle.

installing chrome nerf bar
Installing Westin Nerf Bars
Taking a regular cab truck and a pair of Westin nerf bars, our pro's take you through an easy, step-by-step process, offering tips that'll make your life easier, as well as highlighting rookie mistakes and offering problem solving solutions. -

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Easy to install, great to look at and easy on the legs, nerf bars and running boards are an essential addition to any truck, Jeep or SUV. Nerf bars unquestionably add an extra sleek touch to the lines of your vehicle that will really make it stand out in the crowd. However, with trucks and SUVs getting higher from the ground, they also make entering and exiting your vehicle much easier and safer as well. Chrome, stainless steel, matte black or any color imaginable, among our huge selection of nerf bars and running boards you will find the set that are perfect for your ride. We offer the largest collection from all the leading manufacturers including; Go-Rhino!, Raptor, Westin, Warrior, Rampage, Deflecta-Shield, Lund, ProRac and CRE. You'll also find useful buying guides and DIY installation tips within our nerf bars pages.