Truck Nerf Bars Will Prevent Injuries

Truck Nerf Bars Will Prevent Injuries

Nerf Bars Will Prevent Injuries

truck22% of injuries to drivers come from slip and fall accidents that often occur from climbing into the cabin.
As we all know, not everyone is capable of climbing Mount Everest, or for that matter even climbing a small hill. The elderly, the young, and anyone suffering from minor injuries need extra assistance anytime they plan on climbing. Even though most people don’t realize it, climbing in and out of a truck can be dangerous and can end up costing you a lot of money. The key is to minimize these dangers by using a Nerf Bar.

Seriously, Can Climbing In And Out of a Truck Really Be Dangerous?

The answer is a 100% YES. According to the National Association of Wholesale Distributors, “Slip and fall accidents are a significant factor in driver injuries, causing approximately 22% of injuries to drivers. Slip and falls are the most expensive type of driver accident, other than being involved in a motor vehicle collision.” Most of these slip and fall accidents come from climbing in and out of the truck cabin, just ask Michael Haley.

In 2009, Michael Haley was working in a shipping yard loading and unloading packages. During an ordinary day at work, Haley was on his usual beat loading packages into his truck when he decided to climb into the truck’s cabin. According to reports, “Haley didn’t climb the step in an unusual or awkward way, and there wasn’t anything strenuous about stepping up a total of 16 inches.” But, that little bit of extra pressure caused him to rupture a quadriceps tendon, which required surgery. In the subsequent months, Haley filed for worker’s compensation, but was denied. The entire incident cost him thousands of dollars and could have very easily been prevented if his truck had a Nerf Bar.

How Will A Nerf Bar Help?

Over the years, Nerf Bars have become more and more customer friendly. Companies have added many different features that help to keep their customers safe. Some of the benefits of a Nerf Bar include:
  1. Nerf Bars provide an intermediary step into your truck that keeps drivers and passengers from having to stretch their bodies to the limit.
  2. Nerf Bars are now designed in a variety of shapes that are specifically aimed at giving an individual assistance based on their particular need.
  3. Nerf Bars are being made with grips that prevent slipping.
  4. Nerf Bars are made from heavy duty stainless steel that provides a higher overall strength.

Check Out Aries Nerf Bars

Currently, one of the top manufacturers of quality Nerf Bars is Aries. Aries helps to provide easy in and out access to your truck while enhancing its appearance. Their product features also include:
AriesAries Nerf Bars are designed to provide safety and add ascetic appeal to your truck. They don’t just look like another add-on.
  • Heavy Wall Tubes
  • Auxiliary Light Mounts
  • Skid Plate
  • No Drill Installation
  • Polished Mirror Finish that is Available in Black and Chrome
Aries has proven itself to be a leader in both style and safety, and 4 Wheel Online is proud to carry their Nerf Bar products.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on August 14th, 2013
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