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Steel Winch Cable or Synthetic Rope?

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Synthetic rope is a great way to reduce vehicle weight as well a safer alternative to using steel winch cable. But because of their light material construction they can be prone to breakage specially when exposed to UV rays. Steel winch cable on the other hand has been the default line of most winches over the years. These winch cables are made of tightly wound-together strands of tough metal but they can create small strand of wires when they break. This makes the steel winch cable potentially dangerous to those users who don't wear protective gloves on their hands.

Durability is also an issue when choosing between a steel winch cable and synthetic rope. Steel winch cables can rust over time while synthetic rope can fray more quickly if abused on sharp edges. Proper handling should be considered when using either one of these winch components.

For some reason synthetic ropes has been the choice because of their strength and is proven a definite improvement over their steel winch cable counterparts. But steel winch cable is still around and preferred by other off-road drivers because of their steel construction. So whether recovering other vehicles or towing loads, the user should always choose a winch line that fits their need.