Hard Tonneau Covers

Hard Tonneau Cover

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We have the largest selection of Hard Tonneau Covers for you to choose from. We only carry manufacturers that are known for their quality, durability, and longevity; therefore we are more than confident that any Hard Tonneau Cover you choose will exceed your every expectation. Our Feature Hard Tonneau Cover, Undercover Flex, does not take space away from the bed and will give optimal coverage and protection. Our Hard Folding Tonneau Covers are at the Lowest Prices and even Free Shipping on specific models.
hard folding
premium hft

The Premium HFT hard folding tonneau cover is the choice to make for rugged cargo security and easy operation. Priced to sell and ship today!
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hard folding
tonno pro hard fold

The New Tonno Pro Hard Fold Tonneau Cover is designed with an extremely tough all aluminum underbody frame covered with the highest marine-grade vinyl.
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hard folding
torza hard hat

The Advantage Torza Series Hard Hat tonneau cover features the same winning benefits as the original TorzaTop, but with a hard plastic shell added for sturdiness.
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hard folding
undercover flex

The UnderCover Flex tonneau cover is a clean low-profile hard folding tonneau that fits flush with the bed rails, and folds for easy cargo access.
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hard hinged
undercover classic

UnderCover Classic Truck Bed Covers are the best selling hard tonneau covers; leading in convenience, durability, and lockable security.
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hard folding
extang solid fold

The Extang Solid Fold tonneau cover can be installed or removed in seconds; the fastest installation of any hard tonneau in the industry!
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hard folding
extang encore

Encore has next-gen SunStrong FRP fiberglass reinforced panels that stay cooler, resist UV rays and provide better damage resistance.
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Hard Tonneau Cover Manufacturers

Extang Tonneau Covers
Choose Your Hard Tonneau Cover
Extang Encore
hard folding
Extang Encore tonneau covers are the first hard folding tonneau cover to allow front (Cab) panel access and an advanced sealing system for the ultimate weather protections.

From $ 939.00
Extang Solid Fold 2.0
hard folding
Extang Solid Fold 2.0 - Entirely self-contained, Extang Solid Fold 2.0 tonneau covers have fully integrated features for fast, simple install, operation and incomparable versatility.

From $ 739.00
Tonno Pro Hard Fold Tonneau Covers
FREE Pro Clean Vinyl Cleaner
FREE SureSeal Tail Gate Seal
FREE Torch Light
FREE Pro Gloves
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TonnoPro HardFold Cover
The NEW TonnoPro HardFold tonneau cover is made to resist scuffs and dents as alternative all-aluminum hard folding tonneau covers do. The NEW TonnoPro HardFold tonneau cover performs perfectly in any weather including rain, sleet, snow, and hail. The TonnoPro HardFold tonneau cover is the best hard folding tonneau cover in the industry and its low-profile style enhances any truck's appearance!
DiamondBack SE Truck Covers
secure sense

DiamondBack Truck Covers SE

covers go a step further than the LT with the ability to handle up to 400 pounds of load-distributed cargo on top. Hatches open at the cab-end and at the tailgate for easy access and feature 3/8 inch lock rods to keep cargo safe and sound.

From $ 1,039.00
DiamondBack 180° Truck Covers
side opening

DiamondBack Truck Covers 180°

covers open 'butterfly' style from the sides allowing easy access, and basically converts the entire truck bed into a giant toolbox. This aluminum cover is light-weight at only 80 pounds, and locks up tight to secure cargo from intruders and weather.

From $ 1,239.00
DiamondBack 270° Truck Covers
max access

DiamondBack Truck Covers 270°

truck bed covers sport 'gull-wing' type hatches at the front (cab-end) and a rear opening lid at the tailgate end of the truck, helping to keep your gear organized and within quick reach. This cover is also rated to carry up to 400 pounds of load-distributed cargo on top.

From $ 1,439.00
DiamondBack HD Truck Covers
heavy duty

DiamondBack Covers HD

truck bed covers have 7 heavy-duty support 'ribs' to provide unmatched hauling capabilities. Carry up to 1600 pounds of weight-distributed cargo on top. Drill it, bolt it and customize it however you want, this cover is made to last and locks to keep gear safe.

From $ 1,439.00
RetraxONE <br>Tonneau Covers
From $ 1,233.00
RetraxONE Tonneau Covers


is manufactured from polycarbonate, a durable thermo- plastic commonly known as LEXAN®. This low-profile design incorporates a front cover that is flush with the truck bed cover, which streamlines the overall appearance and provides a firm, dependable seal keeping the truck bed dry.
on sale! from

PowertraxONE <br>Tonneau Covers
From $ 1,995.00
Remote -Retract
PowertraxONE Tonneau Covers


retractable pickup bed cover opens and closes at the touch of a button on the include remote keyfob. Wireless operation allows it to easily open and close, and an electromagnetic brake allows it to lock in any position along the rail.
on sale! from

RetraxPRO <br>Tonneau Covers
From $ 1,767.00
RetraxPRO Tonneau Covers


bed covers have the same great benefits as the RetraxONE but are made with industrial strength aluminum, giving them the strength to support distributed loads of more than 500 pounds! Features a limited lifetime warranty
on sale! from

PowertraxPRO <br>Tonneau Covers
From $ 2,575.00
PowertraxPRO Tonneau Covers


locks in any position using an electromagnetic brake – the perfect way to keep the contents of your box safe. Plus, it allows for unlimited flexibility in hauling almost any object. And, PowertraxPRO allows for hands-off operation via a wireless remote control.
on sale! from

Roll N Lock E-Series Tonneau Covers

Roll N Lock®

The new Roll N Lock E-Series, Electric Cover, works with the push of a button from a remote control. This cover automatically retracts into its storage canister when open, and with the push of a button it closes.

Currently Unavailable
Hard Tonneau Covers Articles and Reviews
Hard Tonneau Covers and Why They Are Perfect For Your Truck
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Hard tonneau covers are must have accessories if you need ultimate protection of your cargo and truck bed. These covers get their strength from the steel or aluminium materials used to construct them. They are made for those who want extra protection besides what is offered by most truck bed covers on the market. These covers are stylish, durable and come in different finishes to ensure there is one perfect for your needs.
Get to Know Different Opening Styles of Hard Tonneau Cover
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Are you looking for a way to secure your precious cargo, save gas money or give your truck style, then a hard tonneau cover is the perfect tonneau cover for you. Hard tonneau covers feature distinct degree of wrapped edges, which overlap your truck bed rails. This gives you truck a unique finish and overlapping benefits weather protection and security. The cover is further customized to match your truck’s color.
Hard Tonneau Covers: Everything You Need to Know
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Diamond Back ® Truck Covers are cool functional truck covers perfect for off-roaders, truck enthusiasts, service fleets and professionals as well. They are ideal for utmost safety of cargo. Diamond Back Tonneau Covers are characteristic of individually removable panels, access to the Truck Bed, top hauling and light in weight forged from 0.080inch aluminum alloy. They have a butterfly open design allowing for side and large rear side access.
Our Best Collection of Hard Tonneau Covers
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Hard tonneau covers will protect your cargo from theft and damage much better than any other type of tonneau cover. They are made with tough materials such as aluminum which are not easily dented or destroyed. What you get with a hard tonneau cover is the peace of mind of knowing your cargo is totally secure. It is therefore recommended for drivers who often carry valuable items at the back of their truck.

Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

DiamondBack Covers:

DiamondBack HD Hard Tonneau Covers are the epitome of Hard Covers. Used commonly on work and hunting trucks, these Covers can endure up to an amazing 1600 pounds distribution load while still providing a safe and secure compartment below the cover. The DiamondBack Cover is sheer muscle and can eliminate the hassle of a pull-behind trailer. Accommodating 12 tie downs will secure the load from shifting and even sliding off. Installation requires no drilling and uses steel rods to lock the bed into the side rails. Whether you are towing a 4 wheeler, lumber, or anything else, you can put your trust in the DiamondBack. These Covers are easily accessible from either the front or the rear of the cover and also have locking abilities.

DiamondBack SE Hard Tonneau Covers have similar features of the HD edition. With capabilities of load-bearing weight up to 400 pounds, this Cover will be able to serve multiple functions. The deck is manufactured with 3003 alloy aluminum that is .08" thick to ensure the safest and most durable support for your load. Great for hunting, towing, and carrying heavier items, you can trust the DiamondBack SE can take on any task. With multiple functions, the DiamondBack SE will provide two areas of storage; underneath to cover will keep the elements out while giving you additional hauling capacity. Securing the panels with four 3/8" deadbolts will give you the confidence that your load will make it to its final destination.

Undercover Covers:

Undercover Classic Hard Tonneau Covers are the most recognizable cover on the streets. With qualities that convey sheer strength and durability, this Cover is popular among truck enthusiast. Installation takes moments and will deliver years of securable coverage. Weighing only 58 pounds, Classis Covers are made to endure years of use and abuse. Undercover strives to deliver products that will not only serve multiple purposes, but they also focuses on keeping your property safe and secure. Covers by Undercover are built to outlast your truck and will save you ample amount of money by increase your fuel economy.

Undercover SE Hard Tonneau Covers will give your truck the ultimate look. Sleek, sporty, and aerodynamic are just a few ways to characterize these Tonneau Covers. Undercover SE Tonneau Covers are easy to install and can be removed with the quick release hardware. The SE Cover will provide maximum security because the tailgate is disabled while the tonneau cover is locked. Some additional features of the SE Cover includes a pull strap, a built-in LED light, twist lock, and struts that will allow a quick and convenient release for removal of the cover. With Undercover SE, you will be able to enhance your truck's appearance while adding a secure and weather-proof compartment.

Pace Edwards:

Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit Tonneau Covers are great for both short and long truck beds. With simple installation, the Jack Rabbit will take minutes to install and will give you years of optimal coverage. The sturdiness of the cover will keep the weather out and the cargo safe from damage. The Jack Rabbit Cover is equipped with heavy duty springs that will allow opening and closing of the cover to be a smooth and hassle-free motion. Keep everything safe and secure with a Jack Rabbit Cover.

Pace Edwards Full Metal Jack Rabbit Tonneau Cover has all the great features of the Jack Rabbit Tonneau Cover but also has the strength and sleek look of metal. Built to endure years of use and abuse, this Hard Cover is great for everyday use on and off the job. Weatherproof will keep cargo and tools dry, dust free, and safe. The Latch-N-Lock will allow you to securely lock the cover every foot. The Full Metal Jack Rabbit is low profile and will enhance the appearance of every truck while increasing gas mileage.

Pace Edwards Roll Tops are the most convenient Hard Tonneau Covers on the market. This Tonneau Cover will easily retract into a storage unit that sits near the rear window. The Roll Top will not limit your hauling capabilities because the storage unit is narrow, taking little room. With weather resistant coverage and strong aluminum panels, you can be sure that your cargo will stay safe and secure throughout the entire duration of the trip. The Roll Top Tonneau Covers will maximize gas mileage while turning your truck into SUV storing abilities. Your Roll Top will smoothly glide open and close due to the black powder-coasted side rails.

Pace Edwards Bed Locker Tonneau Covers will provide the ultimate protection and coverage. Using only the most durable materials like aluminum panels and patented silicon weather hinges provides an optimal seal between each panel. This Hard Cover is capable of locking in any position and even has an electric motor that is operated by a remote. The Bed Locker will install quickly and in most cases will not require drilling into the truck. Enhance the look of your truck with a low-profile Tonneau Cover.

Additional Hard Tonneau Covers:

Extang Solid Fold Covers are made from the most durable aluminum alloy frames that use honeycomb core construction. The complete Solid Fold Cover weighs an astonishing fifty pounds and can withstand the weight of an average size four-wheeler. With UV protection, your Tonneau Cover will provide additional guard from the intense heat and keep it looking as good as new. Your Solid Fold will ship directly to you completely assembled. Installing your Solid Fold will not require tools or any additional parts. Transform your truck into a sharp, sleek, money saving machine that will optimize storage space.

Roll N Lock Tonneau Covers are leading the industry in many ways. Roll N Lock Covers are great for all truck owners and can be used in every occasion. Roll N Lock Covers are easy to open and close and will keep your cargo safe and secure with the lockable key slot. The Roll N Lock cover will retract into a compartment that is located near the rear window. Additional features of the Roll N Lock Cover are the multiple latching positions, built-in tailgate lock, and the ability the release excessive water with the drainage system. Roll N Lock Covers are known to withstand the test of time and will keep your truck looking sharp, sleek and functional.