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The UnderCover SE Smooth tonneau cover features a smooth, ready to paint finish that allows a perfect match with any vehicle's paint. The UnderCover SE Smooth tonneau cover closes on top of the tailgate and locks to provide total security for any valuables without requiring a separate tailgate lock. An UnderCover SE Smooth tonneau cover is the best choice for pickup truck owners who want a lightweight, extra durable, body color matched hard shell tonneau that is very easy to install and removes for storage in a snap. Upgrade to first class with the unique style and uncompromising quality of an UnderCover SE Smooth tonneau cover today!
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Undercover SE Smooth Tonneau Cover for Chevy GMC
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UnderCover SE Truck Bed Covers at a Glance
  • <strong>LIGHT WEIGHT</strong> <br /> <br /> Weighing in at only 58 lbs, the UnderCover is the lightest hard-shell tonneau cover in the industry.
  • <strong>STRONG</strong> <br /> <br /> Not only the lightest hard-shell tonneau but unparalled strength and durability.
  • <strong>EASY TO REMOVE</strong> <br /> <br /> Quick release hardware and lightweight material make the UnderCover a breeze to remove when you need the cover off.  Easy to re-install when you need the cover back on.
  • <strong>ABS COMPOSITE MATERIAL</strong> <br /> <br /> ABS composite material and advanced technology ensure you get the highest level of quality and the best fitting cover available.
  • <strong>STYLED LOOK</strong> <br /> <br /> Designed with a sleek, aerodynamic, sporty style that is functional and looks great on your truck.
  • <strong>CENTER POINT LOCK</strong> <br /> <br /> A single low profile twist-lock located in the center of the SE operates the latches on both sides of the truck bed. This inventive new design offers the same strength and security as before with a refined, streamlined look and easy operation.
  • <strong>CONCEALED HINGE</strong> <br /> <br /> New low profile design includes a completely concealed hinge providing a tighter fit for your truck bed and allows for a quick no-tool removal.
  • <strong>L.E.D. LIGHT</strong> <br /> <br /> The L.E.D. light shines bright using a self contained battery power source - no wiring needed!
  • <strong>TWIST LOCKS</strong> <br /> <br /> Secure, versatile and weatherproof twist locks allow you to open your UnderCover with or without your key. UnderCover protects and secures your valuables.
  • <strong>QUICK RELEASE STRUTS</strong> <br /> <br /> Sturdy struts lift smoothly and our quick release system allows you to remove your UnderCover easily.
  • <strong>PULL STRAP</strong> <br /> <br /> Strong nylon pull strap assists in closing the cover. Very helpful on taller trucks.
  • <strong>WEATHER TIGHT</strong> <br /> <br /> With the UnderCover's full perimeter seal and perfect fit, valuables will be protected from all the elements.
  • <strong>CUSTOM FIT</strong> <br /> <br /> UnderCover is custom fit for each truck model.
  • <strong>WALL MOUNT</strong> <br /> <br /> Wall Mount hardware is included with every UnderCover to keep your garage clutter free and your cover protected.
  • <strong>EASY INSTALL</strong> <br /> <br /> Standard no-drill concealed clamp bracket system makes installation very easy.
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Weighing in at only 58 lbs, UnderCover SE Hard Tonneau for Chevy GMC is the lightest hard-shell tonneau in the industry. The unparalleled light weight of UnderCover SE Hard Tonneau Cover for Chevy GMC makes it easy to install and remove at any time!

More About UnderCover SE Tonneau Covers
  • Molded with ribs and a rear spoiler give your truck a great refreshing look
  • Aerodynamic design to save on fuel consumption
  • Easy to install and quickly to remove with the quick release hardware
  • Over the tailgate design so when owners lock the UnderCover SE tonneau the cargo is very secured because the tailgate cannot be opened
  • Undercover SE tonneau covers come with a pull strap, an LED light which is built in (comes in handy when under the tonneau in the dark), twist-locks for security and quick-release struts to make it very easy to remove or put back on. It also comes with a handy storage rack to hang up the cover when owners are not using it.