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Premuim HD BumperPremuim HD BumperHeavy Duty Truck Bumpers - On Sale Today - Only $699. Whether you just need to replace your old front truck bumper, or want to upgrade your rear truck bumper, we have what you are looking for and at prices that blow the competition away. An aftermarket truck bumper is proven to withstand collisions better than stock bumpers. Truck Bumpers will improve any truck or SUV's protection and looks. No longer worry about animal collisions, upgrade your truck bumper today!

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Specifically for Jeep 294.95
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Specifically for Jeep 379.95
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Jeep JK Bumpers 308.29
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Bumper Articles and Reviews
Truck Bumpers Manufacturers You Should Check Out
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The truck is versatile in nature. You will find it cruising through the highway or even the rough roads that are often dreaded. Nothing wrong with that, but what kind of bumper does it have? We all know that while on the road, you should consider yourself the only sane person. The roads are full of all sorts of drivers; both good and reckless. To ensure that you are protected from the latter, it is time you gave your truck a good bumper.
Aftermarket Truck Bumpers Offer More Protection than Stock Bumpers
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Why would you ever need to upgrade your truck’s bumper? Well, the answer is simple: today’s OEM bumpers are not held to a high standard of protection by the NHTSA. In fact, the NHTSA has provided car manufacturers with a cop-out rule that allows them to lean more on saving money than true performance. Fortunately for you, there is always the option of upgrading with an aftermarket bumper.
4 Types of Bumper Designs to Familiarize Yourself With
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Truck bumpers shield a truck’s front and tail sections against physical damages. These areas contain some of the most vital components of the truck. On the exterior level we are talking about protecting the vehicle’s headlights and grilles. But even more important we have the heart and soul of the truck right under the hood: the engine.
What Truck Bumpers Work Best With Lights?
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If you and your truck spend a lot of time out on unlit back roads, it may be time to consider adding a truck bumper that features extra lighting. This lighting can enhance your vision and ultimately save your life. 4wheelonline has all of the information on the best truck bumper / light combinations that may work best for you.
Truck Bumper Regulations
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In recent years, there has been more and more research that has caused automakers to produce safer bumper and states to enforce stricter laws. Here at 4 Wheel Online, we have all of the products and information that will help you keep up with these laws and manufacturer upgrades.
Safety Is a Coveted Commodity- Adding a Bumper Can Help
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) job is to challenge the safety of manufacturers’ products. In 2011, the NHTSA incorporated an even more intense car assessment that made getting a 5 star crash rating even more difficult. 2 years later, the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and the 2014 GMC Sierra finally received the coveted 5 star label. But, you can add even more protection. Here at 4 Wheel Online, we offer a wide array of aftermarket bumpers that will increase protection by protecting the truck that protects you.
Truck Bumper Information
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Whether driving on-road or off-road, it is important to safeguard your truck. There are unpredictable elements on the road, so protection in vital. At 4wheelonline, we have all the information that can help you find the best bumper to help you preserve your vehicle.
Bumper Manufacturer Articles and Reviews
Fab Fours Bumpers Articles and Reviews
Fab Fours Bumpers are constructed from combination of pipe, tread plate construction and punch plate and is ideal for full replacement of bumper with full grille guard. Fab Fours Bumpers are built from steel construction which made it durable and can withstand harsh outdoor environment. Fab Fours Bumpers comes complete with D-Ring mounts, light and heavy duty winch mounts which can handle 10,000lb, 12,000lb and 16,500lb load. Fab Fours Black Steel and Jeep Bumpers are available in Black Powder Coat finish while Fab Fours Truck Bumpers is available in Black Powder Coat and Bare Steel finish.

Truck Bumpers and SUV Bumpers found on 4WheelOnline will enhance and protect your truck or SUV. We have a huge selection of front and rear end bumpers that fit most trucks and SUVs. The bumpers are made of first-rate materials by the industry's leading bumper manufacturers. We carry a diverse line of bumpers at very affordable rates. Our entire collection of truck bumpers was hand-picked by our in house automotive experts. These manufacturers include the following: Aries Automotive, Raptor Series, Waag, Go Rhino, ARB, Road Armor, Manik, Safari Guard, Westin, Genuine Steel, Roadmax, Seductive Rear, Tough Country Bumpers and Warn. It's all right here at 4 Wheel Online!

Why should you upgrade your bumpers? It is a very effective way to save money on repairs if you are involved in an accident. In the early 80’s bumpers were required by law to be manufactured at a much higher quality standard. They were only allowed to move ¾ of an inch from their original position in a collision test at 5 miles per hour. President Regan reduced the standards at the request of automobile manufacturers who said the bumpers were costly to produce. According to a study done by IIHS, the reduction in standards resulted in a more than 400% increase in the cost of repairs after an accident. That is why you should upgrade your bumper today.