Truck Bumper Information

Truck Bumper Information

GmaWith all of the crazy, road-raged drivers out there, it is important to protect your truck.

Mean Streets

After a long week at work, it’s great to have a truck that can help cruise the open roads of freedom. Nothing should come in the way of that. If you plan on driving through rough off-road terrain, you will want to protect your vehicle.  This protection is also necessary for on-road driving as well.

Unfortunately, there are reckless drivers on the road. They don’t care about your truck and all the hard work it takes to have a great truck. These drivers wildly fly around because they are busy texting on their phone, possessed with a debilitating case of road rage, or are a little woozy after a couple of drinks (unfortunately, these are the things we all have to worry about). So, it is important to protect your truck from these crazed, careless people. No matter if drivers are off-road or on, minds can be put at ease by adding the extra protection of front end bumpers.

herd-bumperHerd Bumpers are some of the toughest and most reliable on the market today.

Who Doesn't Love a Big Bumper?

When looking for a new truck bumper, it is important that you find one that matches your needs. If a driver rides through rough conditions, he will want to consider a bumper that offers more protection. Bumpers are often made from one of four different materials: poly resin, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or metal. Metal bumpers offer the strongest shield for a vehicle. The best metal bumpers are made of aluminum, which is only a third of the weight of steel and offers comparable protection.

One of the strongest truck bumper lines is offered by Herd Bumpers. These “ranch style,” aluminum guards are modeled after the protective semi-truck bumpers. Herd Bumpers offer a grill guard, cow catcher, cattle guard, roo bar, bull bar, and the best of protection for off-road elements.

  Another strong, heavy duty bumper manufacturer is Fab Four. Fab Four’s bumpers are not as strong as Herd but are still one of the strongest lines available. Unlike many of the Herd bumpers, Fab Four offers a lighter product with a more contemporary look. So, if you still want solid protection for your truck, but don’t want your vehicle to be bogged down as much, the Fab Four line could be the
Fab-fourFab Four bumpers offer protection as well as a contemporary, stylish look.
ultimate choice.

Lighter Bumpers

Heavy duty truck bumpers, like Herd and Fab Four, are usually heavier than alternatives on the market. Bumpers for pick-up trucks can weigh as much as 550 pounds, depending on the style and the amount of protection the driver is looking for. Of course, a heavier bumper will slow a vehicle down. Depending on your driving style, speed may not always be the most important thing to consider.

However, if you are looking for a lighter alternative, the N-Fab Pre-Runner would be a great choice. The N-Fab consists of .096” steel tubing that keeps a truck’s body safe, and it only weighs 39 pounds! 39 pounds is a big difference when compared to Herd Bumpers, which can range from 260 to 550 pounds. 

nfabN-Fab bumpers are some of the lightest on the market. They offer added protection without taking away from a truck's acceleration.

It's Important to Make Sure that the Bumper Matches the Model

When shopping for a heavy duty bumper, it is important to make sure that the bumper matches the make of your truck. Each company offers different bumpers for different models. At 4wheelonline, we have our bumpers organized by bumper manufacturer and vehicle type. This will make it easier for you to figure out what options you have.

Bumper Installation

Truck bumpers are also fairly easy to install, and often, there are no special tools needed for the job. Many truck bumpers have heavy duty steel brackets that are installed to the frame of the truck and hold the grill guard/bumper up. Installation usually takes two to four hours, depending on which style is chosen and the vehicle it is being installed to. However, considering the weight of the bumper, you may want to have a buddy to help. Also, you may need additional assistance if you choose a bumper with lights and electrical wiring.

The next time you are on your ranch or driving through dangerous terrain, you might start to think, “I could really use some extra protection.” This is only natural because wanting to safeguard a great truck is in our blood. When it is time to find a protective front end truck bumper, it is important to know what to look for. At 4wheelonline, we offer all of the information to help you make the best decision possible. If there are any further questions about truck bumpers or any other automotive upgrade, you can e-mail us anytime and we will get back to you quickly. 

By: Tim Snyder Google
Posted on May 22nd, 2013
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