Truck and SUV Articles and Reviews

Aftermarket Product Manufacturer Articles and Reviews
Maxing out a 4x4 to conquer the trails, pimping a pickup for street cruising, or adding extra power to an SUV – it’s what owning a truck is all about. There’s never been a better time to personalize your pickup and there are hundreds of aftermarket manufacturers out there developing quality products. Meanwhile off-roading has grown more popular than ever and the choice of performance parts is at an all-time high. We review the top brands and hottest products here.
Air Induction Systems & Filters Articles and Reviews
A good air induction system will let your engine breathe properly and produce more horsepower and more torque. Most OEM air systems are built down to a price using inferior materials; they restrict the amount of air getting to the engine which saps throttle responsiveness and overall power. Purpose-built air induction systems are inexpensive, easy-to-fit and provide instant improvements in engine performance and fuel efficiency. Get more horsepower today!
Bed Rails Articles and Reviews
One of the best parts about being a truck owner is the hauling capability that comes with having a truck bed. Of course, the truck bed is an open area, which is great for piling more into a truck. But, it's also important to make sure everything is secure in the opened up truck bed. One of the best tools for making sure everything is secure is truck bed rail.
Brake Systems Articles and Reviews
When it comes to safety, drivers are always thinking about crash test ratings, seat belts, and air bags. One of the most over looked and forgotten aspects of vehicle safety is the brake systems. Brake systems are designed to last for over ten thousand miles, but it's important to keep an eye on them in the meantime. 4wheelonline has all of the information that will help drivers take care of their brakes and keep them safe on the road.
Bumper Articles and Reviews
Dangerous elements are found not only off-road but on-road as well. For those driving off-road, there are the dangers of pits, trees, and other natural hazards. For on-road driving, drivers must beware of other drivers, deer, and a million other unpredictable elements. One way to protect the truck that you've worked so hard for is add extra protection through bumpers, lighting, and winches.
Exhaust Systems & Kits Articles and Reviews
A good exhaust system is essential to get the maximum power out of an engine. The bigger the engine, the more exhaust gasses are produced, and if the exhaust system isn’t doing its job then backpressure builds up and reduces power. Trucks and SUV’s with V8s and big-block diesels need an exhaust that will maximize the engine’s power output. A performance exhaust system also looks better and sounds better than OEM systems.
Fender Flare Articles and Reviews
If you are thinking about or have recently put larger size tires on your vehicle, then installing Fender Flares is a must. Fender Flares provide extra coverage for extended wheel sizes to protect the vehicle from flung up mud, rocks and other miscellaneous road debris. Here, you will find the most complete range of informative articles, reviews, and installation guides for Fender Flares of any place on the web.
Floor Mats & Liners Articles and Reviews
How the inside of your truck or SUV looks is just as important as how it looks on the outside. Food and drink spills, dirt, mud and pet hair quickly make a mess of carpets, so protect them with floor mats or liners. Tough enough to cope with everything you throw at them and easy to remove and hose off, a set of floor mats or floor liners will keep your pickup, Jeep or SUV looking like new.
Grille Articles and Reviews
People are always extremely proud of their car's grille. The reason for this simple. Grilles have been a symbol of muscle for over 60 years. Grilles were originally designed to help cool down engines and were a part of many varieties of muscle cars. Today, grilles have become a symbol of American power and style.
LED Truck Lights Articles and Reviews
Over the past 20 years, LED lights have emerged as the primary lighting systems for trucks. The reasons why are undeniable. LED lights are stronger, offer a wider range of colors, and last for years longer. After looking at the facts, it just wouldn't make sense to choose another type of light system.
Leveling Kits Articles and Reviews
A leveling kit keeps a truck or SUV riding straight and true. Factory-spec vehicles invariably ride higher at the front to compensate for the heavy engine or are raised up at the back in compensation for heavy loads. A leveling kit straightens everything out to keep a truck level and looking good, and because they don’t alter the suspension they don’t affect ride quality.
Lift Kits Articles and Reviews
Lift kits take a truck or SUV to a whole new level – literally! A lift kit raises the profile of a pickup to give it added height and a purposeful look, but there’s another equally important reason for having a lift kit installed. By raising the vehicle’s body by a few inches the lift kit opens up extra room under the fenders in which to fit bigger, chunkier tires and wheels. If you want to know about lift kits you’ll find it here.
Miscellaneous Truck & SUV News and Views
For all the latest news from the world of trucks and SUVs dive into the 4WheelOnline miscellaneous section. You’ll find breaking news from the auto manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers, the scoop on new trends, views from our experts and some of the more bizarre stories we’ve come across. Maybe you’ll find information that’ll give you ideas on modifying your pickup, or perhaps you’ll see something you can laugh about with your buddies.
Mud Flap Articles and Reviews
Mud Flaps are an important accessory that many people overlook as something for big rig trucks. They actually are great for trucks of all sizes, they play a big roll in keeping things clean an dent free. They also help to make the roads safer from flying rocks and what not.
Nerf Bar Articles and Reviews
In this section, we cover everything there is to know about Nerf Bars - from their inception into the aftermarket universe to installation techniques, product reviews and comparisons of today's Nerf Bars as well as tip and tricks for keeping them shiny and new.
Shock Absorber Articles and Reviews
For every bump in the road, every hill, and assuredly every heavy load endured by your truck, Jeep or SUV, shock absorbers are there balancing out the interminable forces that would otherwise be destroying your suspension. In this section, we offer reviews, guides to different types of shocks, installation guides and much more in effort to help you the best ride quality and proper application of shock absorbers on your vehicle.
Suspension Lift Kits Articles and Reviews
There are many benefits to installing a suspension lift kit for your truck, SUV or ATV - from getting a higher ground clearance to creating that menacing look that will have other drivers thinking twice about getting in your way. We not only cover all the benefits of installing a Suspension Lift Kit on your ride, but also give valuable and sometimes hard to find information regarding installation techniques, products reviews, and up-to-date industry developments. For all of your Suspension Lift Kit questions and concerns, click here!
Tire Articles and Reviews
Every day, we get in our car, drive to some destination, and give little thought to the big, round rubber things getting us there - tires! While tires provide the ability for us to move about, they do need to be maintained, just as with any other part of the car. For starters, you always want to check the air pressure of your tires. As a rule, tires will lose between one and two pounds of pressure each month during the cooler months and more in the hot, summer months. If the air pressure is not maintained properly, you could have less gas mileage, find the car more difficult to handle, or worse, experience a sudden and unexpected blowout.
Tonneau Cover Articles and Reviews
From buyer’s guides and step-by-step installation instructions to product reviews and just plain old product information, we have answers for just about any question or concern you might encounter about a Tonneau cover. As experts in the field of just about every truck, SUV and ATV modification known to humankind, you can trust the information you get here. No matter what the experience level, we have you and your truck covered.
Wheels Articles and Reviews
When upgrading your truck or SUV, wheels are very important. Having a good set of wheels can increase a vehicle's rate of acceleration, increase fuel efficiency, and transform a truck or car into a dream vehicle. So, there are a few key things to know when looking for a new set of wheels.
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