Exploring Different Types of Nerf Bars

Exploring Different Types of Nerf Bars

It doesn’t matter if you’re as tall as Shaquille O’Neal, sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle getting in or out of a truck, especially if you’ve got a lift kit, raised suspension or some beefy tires on your ride. Luckily, off-roading enthusiasts have been blessed by Nerf Bars to give them an extra step to get in their trucks.

Nerf Bars exist for convenience purposes on any truck or SUV. It may act as a step to ease entry and exit from the vehicle, or to help prevent damage to the vehicle when crossing rocks off-road. Nerf bars can also be help off-roaders by protecting the undercarriage from damage while crossing difficult terrain.

Although, they do lower your clearance a few inches, it is much better to scrape a Nerf Bar than to ruin the entire undercarriage of your truck. Nearly all of today’s popular Nerf Bars provide some level of protection while off-roading, so it begs the question, which one should you purchase?

What’s In a Nerf Bar

At 4WheelOnline, we are one of the biggest suppliers for aftermarket Nerf Bars, so trust us when we say that all Nerf Bars are not the same. When it comes to differentiating the different products, it essentially boils down to shape and materials used to build the bars.

Most Nerf Bars are made from either high-quality T304 Stainless Steel or Polished Aluminum. The Stainless Steel option is great because it will never crack and is brutally strong, however these Nerf Bars are powder coated to keep fight corrosion, which is no good for guys who want the chrome look. Aluminum Nerf Bars are perfect for enthusiasts who won’t be doing intense off-roading and want the chrome look without the added weight.

For guys who don’t like the feel of metal under their boots. There are Molded Polymer running boards that fold in and out of the undercarriage of trucks for a custom look that ensures safe footing.

In addition to the different materials used to build Nerf Bars, there is also the conundrum of choosing the right style for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for something low key or something with a wild and custom look, there is a Nerf Bar that can add to the attitude of your truck. Check out some of our favorite Nerf Bar Styles Below:

Metal Mulisha Nerf Bars: Without a doubt, these Nerf Bars are unlike anything we have ever seen. Made from military grade materials and embossed with the Metal Mulisha insignia, there is something sinister about these steps. These steps are easy to install and are be made to fit most popular makes and models.

Aries Big Step: Unlike the Metal Mulisha Nerf Bars, the antiskid surfaced Big Step was engineered to put function over attitude. These are the perfect addition to truck owners who want a big 4’’ boost to get in their trucks, without having to worry if they’re putting their feet in the right place. The aluminum tubing bars and non-slid pads can be installed without drilling in a matter of minutes.

Raptor Oval Nerf Bars: The guys at Raptor know how to build a classic Nerf Bar. These 3’’ Oval Aluminum bars are offered to fit more 90 different vehicles for an easier vehicle entry and exit. This affordable bar comes with a new raised saddle style step pad and the famous Raptor insignia in the middle.

Nearly every quality aftermarket Nerf Bar that is available today is easy to install and vehicle-specific, so there is no cutting, trimming or drilling required. Plus, they’re easy to remove if you ever feel the need for simpler look. Additionally, many of the bars come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which adds a peace of mind when shopping from trusted automotive vendors. So stop spraining ankles and slipping around when you’re getting into your truck, hurry up and throw a new set of Nerf Bars on your ride.

If you’re still unsure about which Nerf Bar to purchase, be sure to ask the off-roading experts at 4WheelOnline.com by calling 813-769-2451. The gearheads are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the Nerf Bar kits that we carry in our catalogue.

By Sean Bowes
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