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On Sale & Ships Free! The AMP Research PowerStep™ works automatically. Powered by electric motors they quickly extend from under the vehicle to allow you to step up into your vehicle whenever a door is opened. When you close the door the PowerStep again automatically retracts back out of the way under your vehicle. AMP Research Powersteps work in all types of weather and all types of terrain. They are popular addition on lifted vehicles as well as luxury SUV’s. We also like that for safety LED Lighting is included with each PowerStep.

The AMP Research PowerStep is a great choice for your vehicle. With solid construction, advanced electronics, LED Lighting, a great warranty, they are hard to beat. We should mention that each PowerStep supports up to 600 lbs. Plus they have anti-pinch guards to avoid damage if the step were to close on an obstruction. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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The PowerSteps are for those who want more than a safe exit and entry into their vehicles. These running boards have the retractable feature that allows them to fold below the vehicle when the vehicle is closed. This is one of their main selling points as it provides better ground clearance when off roading. They are designed for the serious off roaders who want better performance and gas mileage. Read More...
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Upgrading the exterior of your truck involves a lot of accessories that may be very expensive. For those who want to add style and functionality to their cars, these products are designed to make it easier for you to carry extra cargo, access your truck’s cabs and truck bed regions. With these products, you can get more work done in a very short time. Read More...
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This is a company that is responsible for manufacturing original electric automated running board. The powerstep instantly extends when you open your SUV or Truck door and hides itself when you close the door for enhanced ground clearance, appearance and aerodynamics. It’s all weathered performance, reliability and uniqueness gives it an upper edge on the market.

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Proven to Perform

The AMP Research PowerStep™ has been vigirously tested and proved its relaibility in lengthy, real-world, driving conditions. It has exibhited impeccible performance in snow, ice, dust, mud and dirt. The light, yet sturdy running board and rugged die-cast linkage components are manufactured in the United States of America. Those components are made out of aircraft grade aluminium alloy, black-anodized and Teflon® coated for maximum corrosion protection. Precise, stainless-steel hinge points and bearings ensure smooth action. The durable electric motor is designed and tested to provide reliable operation for decades.


AMP RESEARCH POWERSTEP INCREASES FUEL EFFICIENCY -Soaring gas prices are a heavily discussed topic among today's truck and SUV owners. It is often a source of frustration due to the fact that trucks and SUVs do not get very good gas mileage in relation to other types of vehicles. Aerodynamic drag and weight are two important variables that directly impact fuel economy and truck owners are now seeking ways to reduce these factors. The AMP Research PowerStep™ can do both, yet still allow you to maintain the advantage and safety of full-length running boards that automatically deploy for optimal entry to and exit from your vehicle.

Unique Among It's Competitors

AMP Research created the automatically deployed running board, so don't be tricked by an inferior competitor – There is only one PowerStep™ and it has the AMP Research name on it.

Vehicle Weight

A reduction in the overall weight of your truck or SUV helps to improve fuel economy. AMP's powerful aluminum steps weigh 10-20% less than average OEM running boards or aftermarket steel tube steps.

Aerodynamics Under the Vehicle

AMP's PowerStep™ running boards work naturally and heighten safety and comfort while boarding and exiting your truck. They are initiated by your vehicle's factory door sensors and quickly extend when you open the door. Closing the door sends another signal to the PowerStep™ and it retracts into the rocker panels, getting rid of the drag created by conventional fixed position running boards. AMP's PowerStep™ technology has been included as a factory option since 2003.

Tuck and Run

Automotive News outlines the value of aerodynamics in new truck design: Ford and other manufacturers (under AMP licensing) offer automatic running boards that extend when the doors open and tuck themselves back under the body when the doors close. The Lincoln Navigator was the first to offer power running boards back in 2003, and others have since figured out that there's no need for the extra drag created by traditional steps.

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