Installing Nerf Bars on Vehicles Without Pre-Drilled Body Holes

Installing Nerf Bars on Vehicles Without Pre-Drilled Body Holes

Out of all the aftermarket modifications out there, installing Nerf Bars on your truck, Jeep or SUV is probably one of the easiest to do yourself. This is owing to the majority of manufacturers that make their Nerf Bars so that they mount to your vehicle through the existing body mount holes. However, if you own a vehicle without such accommodations, or, decided to buy one of the few Nerf Bars out there that require drilling into the body yourself to mount it, then this installation guide is for you.

Below are steps on how to install to effectively install non-non drill (excuse the double negative) Nerf bars on a truck or SUV:

Step 1: With an assistance of a friend hold the Nerf Bar to the vehicle's frame rail. Place the Nerf bar in a way that it there is at least 1/2 inch of clearance between the top of the bar and the rocker panel. Move the bar as required, ensuring that it is straight and level. Make visible markings on the vehicle frame via the Nerf bar mounting holes, and the lower Nerf bar to the ground.

Step 2: Check the area behind the marks on the frame rail just to ensure that there are no braces, fuel lines or other items that may be damaged when drilling the holes into the frame.

Step 3
Hold a center punch to one of the marked and hit it with a hammer so as to make a small indentation in the frame to make drilling the holes even easier. Repeat this step for all the marked areas.

Step 4
Place a 5/16-inch drill bit into a power drill. Completely drill through the frame, using the indentations you made earlier in the previous step.

Step 5
With help from a friend, raise the Nerf bar into position. Thread the 3/8-inch self-tapping screws through the holes on the mounting flanges of the bar and straight into the drilled holes made that you made in Step 4. Properly tighten the screws using a socket and ratchet in a clockwise direction. If the brackets are separate from the Nerf Bar itself, which some manufactureres make them this way, then perform this step the same way with the appropriate bracket, minus the help needed from a friend.

Step 6
Repeat the above procedure to install the Nerf bar on the opposite side of your vehicle.

Once you are finished, take a few steps back and enjoy the sight Nerf Bars on your vehicle. Most likely, you are one of the few that have dared to perform this feat! Well, maybe not actually one of the few, but considering all of your friends that have Nerf Bars on their vehicle have installed them with the pre-drilled holes, you definitely have earned some bragging rights on this truly custom installation.

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Posted on February 14th, 2013
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