Knowing the Basics About Fender Flares

When some truck enthusiasts start shopping for aftermarket parts, they are unaware of all of the necessary investments that they need to make to ensure that their vehicle performs at optimal performance. You wouldn't buy sub woofers without an amplifier or an air intake without a filter, and you know you can’t run stock fenders with aftermarket wheel and tires.

Fender flares are important to off roading and your
Fender Flares are used to prevent abrasions, scratches and dents to the fenders of trucks and Jeeps by widening the clearance and adding a “buffer” between your tire and the fragile bodywork on your automobile. In addition to protecting the truck, Fender Flares are also a solution for enthusiasts who are looking to add a custom off-roading look to their rides without investing big bucks.

Knowing the Difference in Fender Flares

At 4WheelOnline, we are one of the biggest suppliers for the truck aftermarket, so we have many different types and styles of Fender Flares, which are available for nearly every truck, Jeep or SUV. Today, there are four main types of Fender Flares that are popular with enthusiasts. Check Them out below:

Fender flares are important to off roading and your
Wide Style: These Fender Flares add aggression and style to any truck while adding a wider look to your ride. In addition from changing your truck’s stance from mild to wild, a wide-style Fender Flare adds great protection to your truck by keeping debris in check. These are perfect for commuters who travel on loose gravel roads.

Fender flares are important to off roading and your
Street Style: Unlike the Wide Style, a Street Fender Flare is meant to compliment the OEM lines of your automobile while giving a bit of protection to the sides and wheel well of your machine. Most enthusiasts have used Street Style Fender Flares to give more clearance with moderately sized aftermarket tires, but they can also spiff up the exterior by hiding dents or dings around your current fenders.

Fender flares are important to off roading and your
OEM Style: Thanks to hip-hop music and MTV, modesty is not a virtue that many people value today. Luckily, there is still a way to modify your truck without being too flashy. OEM Style Fender Flares keep things simple while defending the body of your vehicle free from mud and debris. Nearly all of the OEM Style Fender Flares require no drilling and can be installed in a matter of minutes. Plus, they add a bit more insurance from rubbing with larger tires.

Fender flares are important to off roading and your
Bolt Style: These are the most hardcore Fender Flares that anyone can install. If you want the die-hard look and ultimate performance from your truck then you owe to your machine to go with the untamed look of Bolt Style flares. Many enthusiasts shy away from Bolt Style Flares because their name suggests drilling and screwing into your OEM body panels, however, most of these Flares can be put on without any cutting, drilling or screwing.

Most of the quality aftermarket Fender Flares that are available today are easy to install and are vehicle-specific, so there is no cutting or trimming required. Plus, they’re easy to remove for cleaning. Additionally, they are just extremely durable and can handle water, snow and mud without any problems, either.

Many Fender Flares look soft and supple, so we were concerned that they might no hold up well against the elements in nasty conditions, so we got in touch with the pros at Rugged Ridge, who makes some of the best Fender Flares on the market to see what they said about the durability of their products.

“What type of abuse can aftermarket Fender Flares handle?” we asked. “Are these ‘just for show,’ or can they be used on the extreme off-road?”

Fender flares are important to off roading and your
A spokesperson responded: “These flares feature a stylish design while protecting your vehicles paint from flying rocks and mud. Constructed of durable UV treated ABS with a slight texture, these paint able flares provide a great look while being able to handle whatever nature throws at them. Each flare is designed to fit factory-mounting points and use long-lasting corrosion resistant stainless steel fasteners for an extra rugged edge! Our All-Terrain Fender Flares will really set you apart from the crowd!”

If you’re still unsure about which Fender Flares are right for you, be sure to ask the truck experts at by calling 813-769-2451. The gear-heads are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the aftermarket products that we carry in our catalog.

By Sean Bowes
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