Shock Absorber Information - The Basics

Shock Absorber Information - The Basics

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Anybody that’s ever been on a boat probably knows the feeling of sickness that can come from moving up-and-down with no relief. Some people have such a bad reaction that they lean over the edge of the boat just to get sick. Unfortunately, truck sickness can be just as likely as sea sickness. On long trips, the constant bumping of the truck’s suspension system can lead to nausea and make drivers and passengers wish something would have been done to prevent this. Luckily, shock absorbers are Available For anyone who wants to smooth out their ride.

Shock absorbers do two things:
  1. They help to keep the tires in constant contact with the ground by absorbing the impact that causes bouncing.
  2. They control the movement of the springs and the suspension.
Why Are These Attributes So Important?

Shock absorbers are essential to having a smoother ride and keeping a driver in control of his vehicle. If your tires aren’t in constant contact with the ground, they will be rising and falling causing the entire frame to bounce. This bouncing is one of the key elements in the truck sickness that drivers and passengers can face.

truck girlHaving a smooth ride is important for keeping the ladies happy.
Also, having this constant contact is VERY important because it gives you more control over your vehicle. When your tires are on the ground, it means that you can break and change directions at the drop of a hat. Of course if there is no contact, your attempts to control your truck will be for nothing. Similar to driving in a rainstorm and hydroplaning, this lack of control can lead to very serious accidents.

Don’t forget that shock absorbers also help to stabilize the springs and the truck’s suspension, which will help to give an extra line of defense to your smooth ride. The compression provided by these shock absorbers can help to prevent damage to a truck and help it last longer.

How Does It Work?

Shock absorbers use the kinetic energy of your suspension (the bouncing motion) and convert it to thermal energy that is released. Basically, shock absorbers are pretty much just oil pumps. A piston is attached to the end of a piston rod, which forms a pressure tube. This pressure tube is filled with hydraulic fluid, and as the truck’s suspension bounces up and down, the fluid is forced through tiny holes inside of the piston. This process absorbs the energy and minimizes the impact.

trampolineShock absorbers are similar to trampolines in the way they absorb energy.
The entire process is similar to a trampoline. If you were to jump off a 3 story building, which would minimize damage: landing on the cement? Or landing on a trampoline? The answer obviously is landing on a trampoline because it absorbs some of the impact, and this is the same for a shock absorber.

How Long Do Shock Absorbers Last?

Experts recommend replacing the shocks every 50,000 miles, but this varies for different types of drivers. If most of your driving is done on the highways, you can probably push this limit a little further. But, if you do a lot of serious off-roading, you’re going to want to change them out a lot faster.

For any truck lover, having a set of shock absorbers is essential. They’ll help you to have a smoother ride (which the ladies love) and help your truck keep from breaking down.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on September 11th, 2013
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