Truck Bed Rails for Unparalleled Utility and Appearance

Truck Bed Rails for Unparalleled Utility and Appearance

Truck-bed rails act as aftermarket add-ons and are specifically designed for unparalleled utility as well as appearance. Truck rails also protect the surface of your truck from scratches and dents that might occur while loading cargo on your truck. Furthermore, with truck-bed rails, you can tie down bulky or oddly-shaped objects. Based on the style, truck bed rails can change the look of your truck. This is because you can add lights or certain finishes on the rails. You can simply install bed rails on your truck without any form of modification. Truck bed rails are built with stainless steel, and they are usually mounted along the back of the truck.
Square bed rails

Bed Rail Lengths

Truck bed rails vary in length. There are full-length bed rails that enable you to use the full length of your truck to carry cargo. On the other hand, toolbox length rails accommodate a cross bed toolbox. If you perform various hauling tasks, then buying both full-length and toolbox length is preferable.

Features of Truck Bed Rails

Most Truck Bed Rail manufacturers add unique features to their bed rail models to make them appealing and perfectly functional. However, before purchasing a set of truck bed rails, you should decide whether the features are essential to both you and your truck. This is because the cost depends on their exclusivity.
rounded bed rails


The type of material used determines the strength of your truck bed rail. The stainless steel is classified in different grades based on the elements used in forging the steel. Type 304 is used to manufacturer truck bed rails. However, for those truck owners who want to haul large cargo, stronger steel grades, such as Type 302 or 303 is most preferable. Therefore, before opting for a set of truck bed rails, you should consider the strength of the accessories to make sure they are durable.


To achieve a complete custom look, you can install LED lights on your truck bed rails. This enables you to work effectively even in poor working conditions. Additionally, lighted bed rails are necessary if you desire improved visibility.
Ford f-150 with bedrails

Truck Compatibility

Another factor that you should always take into consideration is the compatibility of the bed rails with the specifications of your truck. This is because at times, the stake holes that are usually rounded or squared openings for mounting the bed rails are located in different areas of your truck side.

By: Jon Aragon
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