Truck Bed Rails Can Eliminate Expensive Tickets

Truck Bed Rails Can Eliminate Expensive Tickets

Truck Bed Rails can help prevent accidents. Across the country, there are more and more laws being implemented for drivers on the road. In many states, there are laws against texting and driving. Some states have put cameras in place to catch drivers running red lights. Each day, there seems to be something new, and all of this equals potential fines and even criminal charges.

One of the biggest fines a truck driver can get is for improperly securing the load in the back of his truck. Recently, law enforcers have been cracking down on this because of injuries and deaths that have occurred.

road debrisThe debris that flies off of the back of a truck bed can be extremely dangerous.

Potential Dangers

Over the past few years, there have been a number of instances in which drivers and passengers have been killed by debris that has fallen out of an unsecured truck.

One example of this comes from Arizona. In June 2006, 29 year old Matthew Reif was killed by a piece of metal that catapulted from a truck’s cargo. The piece of metal crashed through Matthew’s windshield and sliced through a major artery connecting to his heart.

When asked about the incident, Matthew’s father said, “I realize that most people don’t do it intentionally, but they need to be aware that unsecured loads can have serious consequences. It may be the first time they haul something, or it may be something they do routinely, but being lax about loads can have serious consequences. I want people to know that their actions impact others. Road debris killed our son.”

lawMore and more states are enforcing secure load laws.


Because of this incident, Arizona moved quickly to implement a secure your load law. The law requires that all content must be securely fastened, so it doesn’t drop, sift, or leak from the vehicle. Drivers that don’t follow this law could face fines that range upwards of one thousand dollars, and drivers can be charged with misdemeanor offenses.

Matthew Reif’s incident is not alone; there are numerous incidents across the country that directly parallels the tragic event. Most states now carry strict laws and harsh penalties for unsecured loads. For example in Mississippi, the law reads:

“No vehicle shall be driven or moved on any highway unless such vehicle is so constructed or loaded as to prevent any of its load from dropping, sifting, leaking or otherwise escaping there from, except that sand may be dropped for the purpose of securing traction, or water or other substance may be sprinkled on a roadway in cleaning or maintaining such roadway.”

bed railsBed rails are the perfect tool for drivers looking to secure cargo.

Truck Bed Rail

In the past decade, the popularity of Truck Bed Rails has been skyrocketing. Much of this has to do with the strict laws that have been put in place. Bed rails are designed to strongly stand on the perimeter of a truck bed. With a bed rail, drivers can tie down loose cargo and tie down tarps to keep smaller debris from flying out. If you’re a truck owner and you are always hauling things around town, it would be wise to invest in bed rails for your truck.

By: Tim Snyder
Posted on October 14th, 2013
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