Improving a Truck’s Ugliest Feature with Truck Bed Rails

Improving a Truck’s Ugliest Feature with Truck Bed Rails

hendrickls knightley

1-dimensional Keira Knightley or curvaceous
Christina Hendricks… who is nicer to look at?

Straight lines don’t look good, fact. Mother Nature doesn’t like them (that old saying about “no straight lines in nature”) and we don’t like them either. Be honest, who would you rather date; stick-thin Pirates of the Caribbean pencil Keira Knightley, or curvaceous Mad Men bombshell Christina Hendricks? Yeah me too…

It’s a similar story with a truck: those straight lines and flat edges just don’t look good and the worst bit of all is that slab-like rear end. The trouble is you can’t get a truck to eat more pasta to put on a few pounds, but there are ways to make a truck’s bed more appealing.

Truck Bed Rails Cure Boring Back Ends

For something so simple it’s amazing what a difference Truck Bed Rails make to a truck’s appearance. Sleek strips running the length of the truck bed, bed rails break up the boring flat look that usually kills a truck’s good looks.

Tastes vary but most of the 4WheelOnline crew prefer bed rails with a polished chrome/steel finish although there are several versions that come in black. We just like the added touch of bling the polished bed rails give a truck, but if you’re into the ‘all-black truck’ thing we totally get that too.

Truck Bed Rails are Cost-Effective Customization

bed rails blue

Bed rails stop a truck’s rear end looking boring

Bed rails needn’t break the bank and if you’re on a tight budget you can still easily afford a set of rails. Go Industries and Go Rhino both offer a number of bed rails that with 4WheelOnline’s everyday savings are easily in the $100-$120 price range.

Black bed rails tend to be cheaper than chrome, but polished stainless steel rails are the most durable and we recommend you paying the extra for stainless steel if you can. Buying universal fit bed rails will also save money over vehicle-specific rails, although universal rails may require drilling whereas vehicle-specific versions usually don’t. Raptor and Factory Outlet’s vehicle-specific stainless steel bed rails are easy to install, look fantastic and are great value.

Ultimate Bed Rail Styling

putco rocket locker bed rail

Putco’s Rocket Lockers have LED lights
and look out of this world

For the ultimate in bed rail styling look no further than Putco’s Rocket Lockers. These sweet rails have a red LED light in the overhanging tail that’s a sort of 1950’s car tailfin-meets-Starship Enterprise’s engines vibe. They’ll cost you a bit more than classic bed rails, but it’s so worth it.Stop feeling depressed every time you look at your truck. Sex it up with some bed rails.

By John Bone

Posted on October 2nd, 2013
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