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Power Running Boards Save $100 Plus Free Shipping! If you have ever struck your shin on a standard fixed running board, then you know that even if it never happens again it would still be too soon. The better option is to have the running board out of your way when you don't need them and easily accessable when you do. With a pair of retractable running boards, getting into and out of your lifted truck cab is effortless. Electric retractable running boards allow drivers and thier passengers easy ingress and egress. Before the innovation of retractable running boards, it could be difficult - especially for mobility challenged individuals or children - to climb up into or jump down out of a truck. And you never have to worry about smacking your shin since power running boards only deploy when you are actually using them. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

Power Running Boards
AMP Research Power Step
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Bestop Powerboard
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Bestop Powerboard NX
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One Step Closer with Electric Retractable Running Boards
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The electric running board is a worthwhile investment for drivers seeking both comfort and performance. Manufactured with durable, strong materials, the board provides support when you need it and retracts out of the way when you don’t. This gives you better clearance, safety and performance.
All There Is To Know About Electric Retractable Running Boards
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Electric running boards are perfect for drivers who want to get in and out of their trucks safely and in style. The boards are available in many different shapes and sizes all from different manufacturers. What separates these boards from the normal ones is that these retract below the vehicle when the door is closed and come back out when opened. These boards also provide better clearance than the fixed ones making them perfect for off road driving.

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Life with a lifted or raised truck is simply better with  Electric Retractable Running Boards as opposed to a set of standard fixed running boards. The trend is growing rapidly in the market of Electric running boards that remain hidden under vehicle the until a door is opened. Once the door opens, the electric retractable running board deploys automatically and presents a secure, non-slip step at a comfortable height. Once the door is closed, the steps retract and hide themselves again under the cab.

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