All There Is To Know About Electric Retractable Running Boards

All There Is To Know About Electric Retractable Running Boards

Running boards are important accessories for most trucks and SUVs as they make entering and exiting the vehicles easier for everyone. The normal running boards are usually fixed permanently under the car between the rear and front wheels for the convenience of the driver and his/her passengers. To make running boards stylish and effective, manufacturers are moving electric retractable running boards that will come out automatically when the door is opened and retract when closed.

The retractable running boards are not just about getting in and out of the vehicle as they add some style that sets your vehicle apart from the rest. Retractable running boards are bound to take over the market as they have received tremendous support from some of the big automotive manufacturers. Ford motors for example offers the power running boards on the 2006 Lincoln Navigator and Mercury Mountaineer.
Power Running board

Upside of Using Retractable Running Boards

Electric running boards make it easier for the elderly, children and the vertically challenged to get in and out of the vehicle. This is because these boards normally come out and stretch to lower levels compared to the fixed boards. When the door is closed, these boards will hide underneath the truck to ensure ground clearance in not affected. The exact position these boards can go to varies but is mostly halfway between the vehicle and the ground. Fixed running boards cannot be placed this low as they may hit obstacles on the road when off roading. These boards are also good for those who do not want unsightly steps from sticking from the lower parts of their vehicles.


Electric retractable running boards are all round good products but just like any other accessories they have their own disadvantages. These are not major issues that may make a driver not want the boards but rather small issues that may inconvenience some people. Firstly, having the running board come out every time the door is opened makes it awkward for tall people to get in and out of the vehicle. Cleaning these running boards can also be a problem as the door has to be opened for them to come out.

Power Running board
To solve the cleaning problem, some electric running boards come with a “car wash” switch that enables you wash them while the door is closed. As can be seen, these are not disadvantages for everyone but may inconvenience some people.

The Cost

Electric running boards are slightly expensive compared to normal boards. The cost of these boards varies from one manufacturer to the other. The two main players in this sector are AMP Research & Bestop and they have a wide range of products selling at different prices.
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