One Step Closer with Electric Retractable Running Boards

One Step Closer with Electric Retractable Running Boards

Running boards are a convenient accessory on your lifted truck. They make the extra height manageable by increasing safety and comfort of entry and exit. Retractable electric running boards are the latest innovation in running board engineering. These serve the same function as their fixed counterparts but the ingenuity of the retractable feature makes all the difference. The board extends outwards to meet your foot when the door opens and retracts underneath the rocker panels when the door closes. Amongst the advantages of the electric running board are:
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Increased Clearance

The main reason for having a lifted truck is increased clearance. Electric running boards respect this need for clearance. This is especially useful when driving off-road as fixed running boards tend to come into contact with obstacles on the trail.

Improved Fuel Economy

Fixed running boards are heavy and their location causes excessive aerodynamic drag. Retractable running boards provide an efficient alternative, reducing the drag and increasing fuel economy. With ever increasing gas prices, these savings are definitely a welcome convenience.

Increased Safety Features

Retractable running boards spare you the unforgettable experience of bumping your shin on the board. They also have a wide, non-slip step with a ridged surface that is safe for both adults and children even when wet. Each step is designed to hold a 600lb weight limit and includes an LED light to improve visibility. Additionally, these running boards employ an anti-pinch technology, which means they are pressure sensitive and will not retract if they detect any pressure on the board. There is also a three second delay after the door closes before the board retracts. All these safety features make the electric running board very user friendly.
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Extended Drop

Fixed running boards are inflexible in their height allowance. Electric running boards extend to a much lower height for even easier access. Some kits, such as the AMP Running Board come with an optional kit that can extend the step by 2 inches. For children and people with mobility challenges, this makes a big difference.

Weather Proof

Electric running boards are designed for optimum performance in all weather conditions. Their electric components are protected from rain, snow, mud or dust. This makes the board a durable all-year round accessory.

Easier Installation

With advancing engineering, installation of the electric running board is now an easier process. Brands such as the PowerBoard NX incorporate wireless technology that enables the board to operate without plugging into your truck’s electrical wiring. This is a welcome improvement as no cutting into the harness is required. It also means your other accessories such as the alarm system are not affected by the board.
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For these and other reasons, the electric running board seems to be a worthwhile investment for drivers seeking both comfort and performance. Manufactured with durable, strong materials, the board provides support when you need it and stays out of the way when you don’t. This gives you better clearance, safety and performance. Ask us about the best electric running boards in the market at

By: Jon Aragon
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