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DiamondBack tonneau cover boosts of a 1600 lb carrying capacity on top. It is ideal for transporting step ladders, ATVs, furniture, lumber and any other heavy cargo. You can easily bolt-mount accessories such as bike racks or lights directly to this truck bed cover. DiamondBack tonneau cover is built with .80 inches 3003 aluminum diamond plate, thus strong and durable. Get this DiamondBack SE cover and protect your cargo from weather elements such as storm and ice.
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DiamondBack is known for the most durable and stylish truck covers on the market. This cover is used by those who want maximum durability and strength on their trucks. Installing these covers is easy as can be seen from the steps listed below. The process is so simple that even people with little technical skills can install these covers.
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DiamondBack® Tonneau Cover Models - What are the Differences?

  • DiamondBack<sup>®</sup> SE Truck CoversDiamondBack® SE Truck Covers : A versatile truck cover that supports loads up to 400lbs. Built from an all stainless external hardware, .08" thick 3003 alloy brite aluminum tread plate and its interior hardware is zinc-plated steel. SE covers go a step further than the LT with the ability to handle up to 400 pounds of load-distributed cargo on top. Hatches open at the cab-end and at the tailgate for easy access and feature 3/8 inch lock rods to keep cargo safe and sound.
  • DiamondBack<sup>®</sup> 180° Truck CoversDiamondBack® 180° Truck Covers : Features a butterfly design provides complete side access. Superior durability crafted from .080" aluminum diamond plate and the Neoprene gaskets and hinge gutter keeps gear dry. 180° covers open 'butterfly' style from the sides allowing easy access, and basically converts the entire truck bed into a giant toolbox. This aluminum cover is light-weight at only 80 pounds, and locks up tight to secure cargo from intruders and weather.
  • DiamondBack<sup>®</sup> 270° Truck CoversDiamondBack® 270° Truck Covers : Unique three-hatch design gives 100% Bed Access. Features superior durability crafted from .080" aluminum diamond plate and the Neoprene gaskets and hinge gutter keeps gear dry. 270° truck bed covers sport 'gull-wing' type hatches at the front (cab-end) and a rear opening lid at the tailgate end of the truck, helping to keep your gear organized and within quick reach. This cover is also rated to carry up to 400 pounds of load-distributed cargo on top.
  • DiamondBack<sup>®</sup> HD Truck CoversDiamondBack® HD Truck Covers : Built from all stainless external hardware and from a full .100" thick 3003 alloy brite aluminum tread plate. 7 aluminum box channel support 1600lb and all interior hardware is zinc-plated steel. HD truck bed covers have 7 heavy-duty support 'ribs' to provide unmatched hauling capabilities. Carry up to 1600 pounds of weight-distributed cargo on top. Drill it, bolt it and customize it however you want, this cover is made to last and locks to keep gear safe.
  • DiamondBack<sup>®</sup> Cab GuardsDiamondBack® Cab Guards : The unique look of the DiamondBack® Cab Guard adds style to protection. An all stainless hardware with 1/8" aluminum tread plate gussets, 6063 square tube frame and expanded aluminum body.
  • DiamondBack<sup>®</sup> Heavy Duty Cab GuardsDiamondBack® Heavy Duty Cab Guards : Diamond plate aluminum sides and expanded grating combine to produce a bold, unique look. DiamondBack®HD Cab Guard covers the entire rear window while maintaining driver visibility through the expanded metal screen.

DiamondBack® Truck Covers are Proudly Made in the USA by Americans who work hard to cut, bend and weld the world's best truck bed covers.

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DiamondBack® Truck Covers are designed for professional workers, service fleets, off-road and truck enthusiasts, or anyone who simply needs the maximum amount of security, durability and top-load weight support to make the most out of their truck bed.