Reasons Why You Should Opt for DiamondBack SE Tonneau Cover

If you’re a thrill seeker, then the DiamondBack SE cover is the perfect choice for you. It is a stylish and tough tonneau cover that enables you to pack all your cargo and place it on top. With this tonneau cover, you can haul kayaks, bikes and other cargo on top of your truck bed.

Easy Access

The cover has both rear and front access. Therefore, you do not need to crawl in and out of the truck bed. If you want to get to the front of your bed, you simple need to open the front access panel. You do not need to roll or fold back panels.

Durable Materials

DiamondBack tonneau cover is built with .80 inches 3003 aluminum diamond plate. This makes the cover not to tear like vinyl or crack like fiberglass. The cover protects your cargo from freezing rain, snow, sleet, ice, hail and harsh weather elements.

Haul on Top

You can transport up to 400 lbs on top of your truck bed cover. You can also use it to have a good view at the races, carry extra load or simply stand on top to clean the top of your truck cab. Furthermore, you can easily bolt-mount accessories such as bike racks or lights directly to this truck bed cover.

Weather protection

The DiamondBack SE truck bed cover features a thick neoprene compression gasket around its perimeter. This keeps water out of your truck bed. Furthermore, the gutters, which are located along the hinge points, drain water away from you truck bed when you open the access panels of your bed cover.

Removable Panels

Have you ever tried to remove a heavy fiberglass tonneau cover by yourself? Even if you can lift it, it is too large to handle it alone. The diamondback tonneau cover has two detachable access panels that weigh only 30 lbs. this makes it easy for you to remove it when you want to store it. The panels easily connect with stainless steel locking hinges that only detach when the panels are tilted beyond 90 degree.

Tall Cargo-You Need not to Worry

For tall cargo such as grills and refrigerators, the DiamondBack tonneau cover folds quickly to open almost half of your truck bed. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you want to load high cargo into your truck bed. Simply, strap the folded panel down against the rest of the tonneau cover by using the built-in cargo cleats.

By: Jon Aragon
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