Tonneau Cover Manufacturers Articles and Reviews

Access Articles and Reviews
Access Tonneau Covers are a great way to add style, posh and security to any truck or Jeep. Access makes a full array of covers from soft to hard, roll ups to fold ups. They have been doings thing for a number of years and we are proud to bring them to you at such low prices. Here we have articles on how they work and the differences in each product. Check out all the info we have an make your way over to Access page to see the products in question.
BAKFlip Tonneau Covers Article and Product Reviews
There are many benefits gained when using any BAKFlip Tonneau Cover that we offer. From enhanced aesthetics, increased truck functionality and probally one of the most important factors given the current economic predicament, increased fuel economy! That is right; BAKflip Tonneau Covers (when closed) improve the aerodynamic profile of your truck by preventing airflow from ramming into the truck's tailgate.
Bestop Tonneau Cover Articles and Reviews
Bestop Tonneau Covers are introduced in the three most popular styles of tonneau covers; the ZipRail™, EZ Fold™ and the EZ Roll™, which all come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Each Bestop tonneau cover style is designed with ease of use in mind, employing state of the art fastening systems and the ability to install / uninstall easily without having to drill into your truck body. The Bestop tonneau cover is made with tough premium grade vinyl coated polyester fabric withstands any climate or weather, protects cargo and comes with a stylish leather grain texture.
DiamondBack Truck Covers Articles and Reviews
DiamondBack® Truck Covers are designed for professional workers, service fleets, off-road and truck enthusiasts, or anyone who simply needs the maximum amount of security, durability and top-load weight support to make the most out of their truck bed.
Extang Tonneau Covers Article and Product Reviews
Extang tonneau covers are some of the most popular tonneau covers and can be found on most trucks compared to covers from other companies. The main reason why most truck owners prefer these covers by Extang is because they are of high quality and are durable. Extang has specialized on soft bed covers and thus has managed to make its products affordable to most drivers. Apart from quality, low prices and durability, there are a few other features that make the Extang covers unique compared to others on the market. Below are just five of such features.
Lund Tonneau Covers Articles and Reviews
Lund's name has been around for awhile, gaining steam of late by making quality products that are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Lund Tonneau covers are no different, with a huge array of different styles, types and budgets you know your covered, whether its a soft top or hard, folding or roll-up, it doesn't matter we have the best of Lund's Tonneaus right here for your buying pleasure. Make sure you check out Lund Genesis line of Tonneau covers today, they are the elite versions of the regular ones offered by Lund. Low prices and free shipping 4wheelonline is your Lund Tonneau headquarters.
Pace Edwards Articles and Reviews
Pace Edwards has produced tonneau covers for two decades. Today, there are not thousands but hundred of thousands in use across America. The craftsmanship of Pace Edwards tonneau covers is unsurpassed. These truck bed covers are all made in the USA by craftsmen. They were one of the first to introduce hard retractable tonneau covers, these truck covers are made of high grade aluminum panels that move along aluminum tracks mounted on the side panels of the truck bed.
Retrax Tonneau Covers Articles and Reviews
You'll be thoroughly impressed when you open a RETRAX™ TRUCK BED COVER and find that it effortlessly and smoothly glides back and forth at your slightest touch. Sealed ball-bearings let Retrax™ tonneau covers retract or close easily without the use of springs, pull straps, Velcro® or snaps.
Roll N Lock Tonneau Covers Articles and Product Reviews
Roll N Lock Tonneau Covers are as tough as they come to provide airtight security for truck bed valuables. From a compact canister, they expand and retract easily for full protection from theft and weather provided by interlocking aluminum slats. Roll N Lock was the first hard rolling cover and was derived from hurricane shutters, so you know its tough.
Roll Up Tonneau Cover Articles and Reivews
The anchors are adjustable and can be locked into various positions along the bed rail. Automatic tension control allows adjustment of the cover while keeping the cargo safe from water and dust. The low profile Truxedo TonneauTrax Tonneau Cover is slim and has been seen to increase gas mileage by up to 10%. The Truxedo TonneauTrax has vinyl skin will not stretch in high or low temperatures and can hold up to 350 pounds of snow.
Tonneau Cover Articles and Reviews
From buyer’s guides and step-by-step installation instructions to product reviews and just plain old product information, we have answers for just about any question or concern you might encounter about a Tonneau cover. As experts in the field of just about every truck, SUV and ATV modification known to humankind, you can trust the information you get here. No matter what the experience level, we have you and your truck covered.
Tonno Pro Articles and Reviews
TonnoPro makes the most versatile and economical tonneau covers. Tonno Pro Tonneau Covers are constructed from the best quality premium materials to provide a lifetime of easy effective use and the durability to with stand a lifetime of weather and wear. TonnoPro tonneau covers now come in three versions; Soft Tri-Fold, the Lo-Roll, and the new Hard Folding Cover. Each Tonno Pro Cover provides you everything you would want from a Tonneau Cover, including protection for the contents in the bed of your truck, and protection from weather.
Torza Tonneau Covers Article and Product Reviews
The Torza Top comes completely assembled, installation takes less than two minutes. Protect cargo from the elements and increase gas mileage. Fold quickly and easily to give full access to truck bed. Lightweight and requires very little storage space. feature an easy-to-use cam-lock clamps securing the Torza cover to the truck bed in seconds.
Truck Cover USA Articles and Reviews
Not just another tonneau cover – We dare you to compare before you buy a tonneau cover! Truck Covers USA's American Roll Cover is designed to custom fit virtually every make and model of pickup truck sold today. Truck Covers USA - Tonneau Covers have been uniquely engineered to adapt to roll bars and accommodate both factory and aftermarket truck accessories. They're extremely durable and secure without sacrificing looks or convenience; while giving you ultimate versatility
TruXedo Articles and Product Reviews
For more than 50 years the TruXedo® has led the industry with new and innovative tarping concepts that emphasize operator safety and convenience, product quality and durability – with a style and appearance that they themselves would be proud to put on their own trucks. They are a great accessory for your truck that will add functionality and enhance its' overall appearance. These covers will maximize the purpose of your truck by adding additional storage space that's protected from the weather and other people. The ability to switch back and forth from hauling to having a secure compartment makes a tonneau cover an ideal piece of equipment for your vehicle.
Undercover Tonneau Articles and Reviews
As you’ve probably already noticed, there is a large selection of Tonneau cover manufacturers to choose from. How do you choose which one is right for you? The answer: look for quality. Today, there is no company that produces a higher quality Tonneau cover than Undercover. Undercover is so dedicated to excellence that they recently invested 5 million dollars into their new manufacturing facilities. Now, that is caring about quality!