Installing the DiamondBack Truck Cover

DiamondBack Tonneau covers are entry-level bed covers designed for service fleets, professional workers and off road enthusiasts. Today we will talk about the DiamondBack cover and Even though it is an entry-level cover, it is one of the strongest ones in the industry with a unique design not found anywhere else. The unique design and strength makes this cover perfect for anyone who needs maximum durability, security and top-load weight support to make use on his/her truck beds.
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DiamondBack Truck Cover is one of the most popular covers and its installation process is not very complicated taking less than an hour. The process is as listed below.

Position the Panels

Attach the center section of the cover along the center of the truck bed and move it slightly towards the tailgate. When attaching the center panel, make sure the arrow below it is pointing towards the tailgate. Hand tighten the cap clamps loosely underneath center panel.

DiamondBack Tonneau cover the bed of the truck
Next, attach the front panel onto the center panel by mating their hinges. Before closing the panel, ensure all the hinges are mated to prevent any damages. After they are mated and the panel is attached, close it slowly making sure it does not hit the cab. It is easier to mate the hinges if you start by lining up the longer left hinge pin first.

Readjust the center and the front panel to match the front part of the bed. Attach the back panel by following the same process used on the front panel. Center the DiamondBack cover side by side on the truck and tighten the cap clamps.

Adjust the Lock Rods

Start by loosening the set screws on the tailgate panel lock rod linkages. Adjust the length of the lock rods and re-tighten the set screws. Do not let the ends of the lock rod touch the bed wall as this may damage the lock handle. Position the lock rods such that when they are closed when the tailgate panel is pulled down and compresses the perimeter of the weatherstrip.
Close up of the diamondback truck cover

Install the Safety Catch and Gas Springs

Attach the safety catch around the ball joint on the driver side of the cab panel. Make sure it is attached properly with the slotted half pointing up and triangle pointing the cab to ensure it functions as expected. Next, attach the gas springs on the same ball joints. Attach them barrel up and shaft down to prevent it from failing. Attach the remaining gas springs in the same position (barrel down and shaft down).

After all this, close it leave it for up to 24 hours to make sure the weatherstrip adhesive is fully cured. The weatherstrip adhesive is pressure-sensitive and needs time to cure.

By: James Langston
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