Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers More Reasons to Opt for Them

Undercover Flex Tonneau Covers: More Reasons to Opt for Them

We’ve talked about installing the Undercover Flex, the innovative tonneau cover from Undercover. It’s a 20 minute DIY process that requires no technical knowledge and no drilling as well. These are not the only advantage to tonneau covers from Undercover Tonneau. In addition to this Undercover Flex tonneau covers are able to prevent water from entering into the truck bed using built in drains. They are flexible, string and durable. With three levels of construction material making up the cover, the possibilities of damage through UV radiation and other weather elements is totally eliminated. But there are more factors that make Undercover Flex tonneau covers a prime choice for truck drivers.

Reliable Warranty

The Undercover Flex comes with a reliable three year warranty. This is testament to the trust that the company places on the cover. It is more of an assured statement to confirm that any natural issue you face with the cover will be addressed as opposed to lifetime warranties which are subjected to comparison to other products within the same category from other manufacturers.

All the Needed Tools Included

The only tool required to install the Undercover Flex is a standard 9/16 wrench. This is used to secure the mounting bolts onto the underside of the Flex Cover. It will also help tighten up the clamps that come with the cover. Other parts that come with the Undercover Flex to help you assemble it onto your truck bed include a set of clips, lock washers, rails, twist knobs and T-bolts. This lays the groundwork out for you very easy with the four easy steps we outlined to set it up

Works With All Truck Bed Liners and Bed Extenders

A couple of truckers are often concerned with whether a tonneau cover will fit in with their bed liners. This could be a drop-in bed liner or a spray-in liner. With drop-in bed liners the layer of covering material on the truck bed surface is installed just as easily as installing a tonneau cover. But nobody wants to forego using their liner just to have a tonneau cover in its place. That is why using Undercover Flex is designed to let you have both benefits: the Flex cover and your liner combined. All that you might need for certain liner brands is to trim the liner to a very minimal level in order to accommodate the cover. It gets even better with spay in liner which don’t need any trimming at all. You will as well be able to use your bed extender with the Undercover Flex tonneau cover installed.

By: Sean Bowes
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