Undercover Flex Installation Guide

Undercover Flex Installation Guide

The Undercover Flex is one of the greatest Tonneau covers out there, designed with the drivers in mind. The cover has a low profile, secure design, is water resistant and is easy to install and remove. Talking about the installation, this cover requires no drilling as it is custom made to fit on a specific truck. Below, we have discussed some of the steps to follow to install the Undercover Flex on your truck.
Undercover flex is the best bang for the buck

What’s in the Package

Before the installation process begins, it is important to ensure all the required parts are included in the package. The parts included in each package include:

The Flex Cover itself

2 Clips

2 Drain Tubes

2 Twist Knobs

2 Washers

2 Lock Washers

6 Clamps

2 Rails

2 T-Bolts

To install the Undercover Flex, all is needed is a 9/16" wrench or socket.
Undercover flex is the best bang for the buck

Attach the Side Rails

The first step during installation is to attach the side rails to the truck bed. There are two rails included and they are all preassembled for your convenience. There is the right side rail that cannot fit on the left side and the left side rail that cannot fit on the right. Use the clamps to hold the side rails in position, start by installing the centre clamp first to hold the side rail in position. Do not over tighten them.

Install the mounting bolts

After attaching the side rails, the next step involves installing the front mounting bolts. These should be placed on the underside of the Flex cover. With the small panel towards the cab, attach the Undercover Flex on top of the mounting rails. Make sure the bulkhead is completely covered by the front flap.

Unfold the Cover

After attaching the Undercover Flex, the next step is to ensure it is functioning well and this is achieved by unfolding the cover. When unfolding the cover, make sure the red handle on the front panel is completely open. At this point, the front of the cover sits on the back of the truck bed while the centre panel is on the centre of the truck bed. Test the rear latches to ensure they function as expected as this will tell you if the cover is installed properly or not.

For those with tailgate protectors, the back of the side mounting rails will have to be raised slightly for the latches to engage.
Undercover flex is the best bang for the buck

If all the latches are working smoothly, open up the cover completely by pulling the release cables and turning the red handle. Do this gently to avoid interfering with the position of the cover. When open, place the flat washer, lock washer, front retainer clamp and star knob underneath the cover on the front mounting bolt.

Install the Drain Tubes

Place the drain tubes on the fittings at the front of the bed rail. Position the tubes behind the bed liner to divert water from the truck bed. This can be done using an existing hole in the bed or by drilling one.

By: James Langston
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