The Winning Elements behind Truxedo’s Advanced Tonneau Covers

Truxedo tonneau covers are a bit more innovative than what we have been used to in the Tonneau cover industry. Truxedo prides itself in developing creative tarping concepts to meet the end user’s convenience at every angle. They even consider it a technological art.
Ford 4x4 in blue

The features of each cover are diverse enough to provide functionality and preference for a variety of drivers. The Lo Pro QT/Invis A Rack cover is a cover with a rack on it. It proves to be useful for truckers who need a rack system for hanging various work items. The Lo Pro QT as a standalone tonneau cover is the ideal cover for truck owners who prefer to maintain low profile looks on their truck bed. But across the different models, certain characteristics stay common in all covers.
Ford 4x4 in black with tail gate down

Simple Installation Process

The entire range of Truxedo tonneau covers is characterized by very easy installation mechanisms. The Truxedo Deuce for instance has a quick attach system that eliminate any drilling process. The installation process is a pretty standard one that used by most tonneau covers in the industry. It basically makes use of a side rail (underbody or standard side rail depending on model) which is mounted onto the bed’s edges using a set of bolt in striker clamps. This is a process that can take a maximum of twenty minutes to complete.

Tension Control

In different climates, a cover’s grip may be affected as it loosens or tighten up with temperature fluctuations. This factor is kept under control on all Truxedo tonneau covers. They contain an automatic tension control system that self-adjust according to the temperature. Low winter temperatures should however not bother you as the fabric used on these covers cannot shrink even when it gets to -40 degrees F. A sliding Velcro hook at the rear of the side rail will naturally adjust together with the plungers in the tension control system to maintain the tightness of the cover when temperatures rise between 40 and 120 degrees higher.
Ford 4x4 showcasing Truxedo

Latch system for easy opening and closing

The latch systems on Truxedo tonneau covers are built with relatively easy operation methods and firm security standards. The Truxedo Edge cover for instance will open through a quick release of the latch after the tailgate has been opened. Closing the cover is done by rotating it into the latch assembly and pressing on close. This process ensures that the cover only opens when your tailgate has been set down therefore once your tailgate is locked using a key it just as securely keeps the cover from being tampered with.

By: Sean Bowes
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