Toyo Tires Wins Round 1 of Lucas Off Road Race

Toyo Tires’ professional truck driver, Kyle LeDuc, came out on top recently at the first round of the Lucas Off Road Racing Series at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ. LeDuc thanked his race-proven Open Country M/T-R tires for keeping him safe during the dangerous off-road race.

“The tires were key here at the first Round in 2014” says the 32-year-old LeDuc. “Toyo has been on my truck in short course racing for a long while, and we have proven once again that you don’t mess around with our lethal combo!”

While LeDuc thanked his tires, his sponsor and manager Stan Chen is excited to have LeDuc on board with Toyo.

“Kyle LeDuc proved once again on Saturday he is a champion,” said Chen. “This gives him a great start in the battle for the 2014 championship, and our Open Country M/T-R tires are once again on board for the fight”.

While LeDuc was standing at the top of the podium, Toyo Tires was making an appearance at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY.

At the popular trucking showing in Bourbon Country, Toyo announced that they were introducing three new tires to their commercial line. The new tires are specially designed to improve and enhance handling capabilities of medium-sized trucks. These tires feature Toyo’s “e-balance” technology for improved life, endurance, re-treadability. They are also more resistant to irregular wear.

Toyo Releases a Brand New Line of Tires

The M177 is a premium low rolling resistant steer tire intended for regional to long-haul use. Toyo is
The M177 features:
  • U.S. EPA SmartWay verification
  • Premium low rolling resistance steering
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Excellent durability
  • Enhanced retreadability
  • Also suitable for trailer use

Toyo M170 Regional Steer Tire

The M170 is a regional steer tire that can be used in all wheel positions. With use of durable compound combined with increased tread volume, the M170 is a very durable, smooth driving tire. The sizes that are currently available are an 11R22.5 and an 12R22.5, with and H load rating.

The M170 features:
  • Durable compound
  • Increased tread volume
  • Improved bead durability and wear

Toyo M920 Regional Steer Tire

The M920 is Toyo’s supreme traction tire that can deliver optimum performance in any weather condition. This tire is intended from regional to long-haul use, featuring a wide, staggered tread pattern for rugged weather conditions while providing long lasting tire life and less chance of irregular wear.

LeDuc’s Favorite Tire

There is no denying that Toyo’s new line-up of long-haul tires aren’t impressive, in fact they are down right awesome for commuting big distances in big rigs, however for off-road racers, those tires won’t be much help.

For years, Toyo’s Open Country MT tires have been the premiere choice for off-road racers who need extra protection when pushing their truck to the limits. Sand dunes, mud holes and loose gravel are no match for Toyo’s aggressive tread design and 3-Ply Polyester casing.

The same tire that LeDuc trusts for every race in the desert, whether it’s in the Baja Desert or in Neveda, is available for truck enthusiasts that need a heavy-duty tire. The Open Country tire can provide extreme performance. Because of the Open-Scalloped Shoulder Locks that are notched into each tire, it means never getting stuck in sticky situations. It’s this innovative design that keeps LeDuc and other Toyo racers winning competitions in the dirt every year.

The Open Country Tire series are available in different trims and models, the AT, AT II and MT tire all serve a purpose for truck owners. The AT is available as an OEM replacement for most truck models, while the AT II  ( ) offers a bit more performance. For off-roaders who are looking for extreme performance, the MT and MT-R tires are some of the best performing tires in the world for trucks that leave the asphalt.  

If you have any questions about which Toyo Tires are right for your truck, give the experts at at 813-769-2451. These guys know tires and give you advice on all the Toyo Tire models and sizes.

By Sean Bowes

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