Tire Manufacturer Articles and Reviews

Atturo Tires Articles and Reviews
With world-class factories located in Taiwan and Thailand, Atturo Tires has gained a reputation as one of the world's elite aftermarket tire companies. Much of this can be contributed to having over 80 combined years of experience in the tire world. Also, Atturo's reputation directly stems from the fact that they have a very versatile line of tires, capable of handling on and off road duties. If you are looking for an elite, world class product, look no further than Atturo.
BF Goodrich Articles and Reviews
BF Goodrich- created in 1896- is America's oldest tire company, and it's been present during some of the countries most historic events. BF Goodrich tires supported the first car to ever drive cross country, and BF Goodrich was the official tire on Charles Lindbergh's historic airplane. Today, they continue to make history out on the racing tracks and American roads, winning countless championships and awards. Check out the scoop on BF Goodrich here.
Bridgestone Tires Articles and Reviews
On March 1, 1981, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary. At the same time, the company initiated activities to strengthen its home base that supported overseas expansion strategy with the aim of being ranked as one of the world's top three manufacturers of rubber products. New production facilities were also established in Thailand, India, Poland, China, the United States and other countries. The company changed the name from Bridgestone Tyre Co., Ltd. to Bridgestone Corporation in 1984.
Continental Tires Articles and Reviews
Another driver using Continental tires in Elkhart Lake was Leh Keen. He attributed his late jump into the second place position to his Continentals. He said, “In the middle of my first run I felt the car losing grip, so I came in and the guys put a new set of Continentals on the car and got me out in third place.” After the first stop, the car was very stable and this helped his move and stay in second place.
Dick Cepek <span>Articles and Reviews</span>
Dick Cepek Tires were started in 1963 before off-roading was ever taken seriously. Its founder, Dick Cepek, went on to help popularize the entire off-roading culture with his company, even earning a place in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. Since its inception, the Dick Cepek brand has always taken great pride in providing top quality tires and wheels to its customers. Because like its owner, they know what off-roading is all about. Check out 4 Wheel Online's Dick Cepek articles here.
Falken Tires Articles and Reviews
In 1983, Falken Tires was originally launched in Japan. Just two years later, the company went over seas and ended up in North America. At this point in time, Falken was already raising to prominence as a respected ultra-high performance on road tire. In fact, they became so successful that they wanted to branch out to the off-roading world. Currently, Falken is an award winning, championship racing team in both categories. To check out more about the great Falken history click here.
Federal Tire Articles and Reviews
Federal Tires is one of the world's oldest tire manufacturers, originally opening in 1954. At first, the company only operated in Taiwan, but their products gained so much buzz and demand that they soon branched out on the worldwide market. Eventually,t he company teamed up with Bridgestone and Dunlop Tires to form an unstoppable tag team of brilliance. Undoubtedly, Federal Tires is one of the best companies on the market and deserves a serious look. If you want to read more about Federal Tires, take an in-depth look with our articles and reviews.
Fuzion Tires Articles and Reviews
Fuzion tires are a line of tires that was introduced to serve drivers with the level of quality that can push their wheels to optimal performance. They wear evenly and have amazing traction. Their compact tread design allows them to minimize noise making them the ideal tires to use on highways when cruising at fast speeds.
General Tires Articles and Reviews
Today, one of the best ways for a tire company to prove their chops is to take their product to the racing circuit. That is exactly what General Tires is doing, and they are turning heads. With wins and backing from big name associates, General is proving why they are one of the best performance tires around. If you want to check out more, come take a look at our articles here.
GoodYear Tires Articles and Reviews
Goodyear is internationally known as a market leader in tire manufacturing. The company was formed in 1898 and for over a century, it has made tires for every type vehicle including automobiles, light trucks, SUVs, race cars, commercial trucks, airplanes, farm equipment and heavy earth-moving machinery. Expansion does not come easy. Their continued success has been in leveling out the needs of its customers on a variety of planes.
Hankook Tires Articles and Reviews
Hankook Tire was established in 1941 as the Chosun Tire Company and was renamed to Hankook Tire Manufacturing in 1968. Both words Choson and Hankook (Hanguk) refer to the names of the ancient and historic kingdoms of Korea.
Kelly Tires Articles and Reviews
Neat, responsive and meticulously designed are some of the words to describe Kelly Tires. The 120 year old company started by Edwin Kelly has grown to be a loved brand that designs tires with the best materials. In fact the compound used on the first Kelly tires was so valuable it earned a patent.
Kumho Tires Articles and Reviews
Kumho Tires originated over 50 years ago in the South Pacific. Over the course of its long and storied history, Kumho Tires has grown into a top ten tire manufacturer in the entire world. On top of that, they've won a number of prestigious awards including one of the world's most honored awards: 2010 Tire Manufacturing and Design Innovation of the Year Award at the Tire Technology Expo. For anybody looking for quality and strength, the Kumho Tire is sure to satisfy.
Mastercraft Tires Reviews and Articles
Sometimes, stock tires on a new car just don’t cut it. Often times, they’re just not made for the kind of control you’re looking for in your vehicle. So, you decided to replace them with a set of Mastercraft Courser HTRs, one of the most popular choices for an OEM replacement for trucks and SUVs.
Maxxis Tires Articles and Reviews
One of the world’s most trusted tire brands, Maxxis delivers high-quality tire products to customers in 170 countries and employs more than 25,000 people. Of course, we didn’t become one of the world’s top tire companies overnight. Through the years since its founding in 1967, Maxxis has become known for its commitment to excellent products and customer service.
Nexen Tires Articles and Reviews
Nexen Tire has been in existence since 1942 and has been an industry leader for all that time. The company is known for its innovative tires such as the radial tires exclusively made from the company’s facility in Yangsan, Korea. The name Nexen is a combination of two words: Next and Century. This shows how dedicated the company is at manufacturing tires for the future.
Nitto Tires Articles and Product Reviews
Nitto Tires is one of the leading manufacturers of quality, all-round tires on the market today. Nitto has incorporated computer-modeled designs for reducing road noise and enhancing contact points while driving. They currently offer a wide range of tire variations that 4 Wheel Online is happy to supply. Check out everything Nitto in our Nitto Articles and Reviews Section.
Pirelli Tires Articles and Reviews
Pirelli is well known for being an industry leader in developing tires for the race track. Drag champions can attest to the magic of a Pirelli upgrade. In addition to this, Pirelli designs tires that do well in any kind of weather condition. That is why they have classified their tire models in accordance to seasonal efficiency. With such an easy approach to classifying their line-up you are sure to get the tire you want without taking all day. There is a vast number of tires in each different category and we will thus assess the different series to find out which tire is best suited for summer driving.
Pit Bull Tires Articles and Reviews
it Bull 4x4 LT Bias tires are designed for true off-raaod fanatics who like to 'Tear It Up'®. Pit Bull Tires, quite simply, kick ass! They have many proprietary features that distiguish them from other brands, They bit harder, they flex, they make less noise and as extreme off-road biass tires they offer a nice ride on the road when compared to other off-road bias tires.
Pro Comp Tires Articles and Reviews
Pro Comp tires are engineered to offer an excellent performance for the modern vehicles and can be used in any type of terrain. Pro Comp is widely known for producing the highest perfolmmimg UTV/ATV as well as light truck tires for several years. Their new models are nnot exceptional. The tread is optimized to ensure enhanced traction and excellent stability in different kinds of terrain.
Super Swamper Tires Articles and Reviews
Down in the heart of the American bayou, Interco has been producing incredible off-road tires since the 1960s. The most popular tires of this Louisiana based company is the Super Swamper line. Over the years, Super Swampers have developed a reputation as a premier off-road and mudding tire brand. With over a dozen variations that feature some of the deepest, meanest tread, any mudding maniac is guaranteed to be satisfied with Super Swamper tires.
Tire Articles and Reviews
Every day, we get in our car, drive to some destination, and give little thought to the big, round rubber things getting us there - tires! While tires provide the ability for us to move about, they do need to be maintained, just as with any other part of the car. For starters, you always want to check the air pressure of your tires. As a rule, tires will lose between one and two pounds of pressure each month during the cooler months and more in the hot, summer months. If the air pressure is not maintained properly, you could have less gas mileage, find the car more difficult to handle, or worse, experience a sudden and unexpected blowout.
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Toyo Tires Articles and Reviews
Toyo Tires was originally founded in Japan in 1945 by automotive genius, Rikimatsu Tomihisa. For twenty years, Toyo developed into the premier Asian aftermarket tire company. But in the mid 60s, the company had outgrown the limited market in Asia. So, they made the move to the United States, becoming the first Japanese tire subsidiary to ever set up shop in the States. Since that time, they have become one of the most respected tire companies in the entire world, delivering power and performance to their customers.
Uniroyal Tires Articles and Reviews
Over the years, Uniroyal Tires has continued to go an extra mile to manufacture high quality and durable tires on the market. Uniroyal tires provide all the benefits and features you view as important in dependable and high-quality tire. The Laredo Cross-Country tire is built for everyday adventure while the Tiger Paw Touring is a line of tires that deliver an excellent handling and even wear.
Mickey Thompson Tires Articles and Reviews
Mickey Thompson was a multiple drag racing championship winner and holder of numerous land speed records. When he realized his need for speed was being held back by his racecar’s tires he developed his own and Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels was born. Using knowledge learned in competition, Mickey Thompson Tires developed innovative new tires that revolutionized the industry, such as ‘SideBiter’ mud and sand tires. For nearly 50 years racers and pros have used Mickey Thompson tires to win on racetracks, off-road and at the dragstrips of America.