Tool-Box Tonneau Covers

Access Tool Box
Increased Capacity
From $ 454.75
Access ToolBox < tonneau covers are built to fit most truck beds with 20-21 inch deep over-rail toolboxes at the cab. While keeping full functionality of your toolbax, this tonneau cover possesses all of the great features of the original Access roll-up tonneau cover.

Express Tool Box <br> Extang Tonneau Covers
soft roll-up
Express Tool-Box tonneau covers are not only great looking, but also strong and user-friendly. Arguably the easiest to use tool-box tonneau cover available, the Express tool-box tonneau cover can be installed and removed without tools and it's lightweight so a single person can operate it with ease.

From $ 449.00
Full Tilt Tool Box <br>Extang Tonneau Covers
hinged roll-up
Full Tilt Tool-Box tonneau covers give you simple full-access to your entire truck-bed. If needed, the FullTilt tool-box tonneau cover can be removed in moments, by just one person, for larger materials needed to get the job done. Or, roll it up and out of the way to get on the go in a snap.

From $ 429.00

Tool Box Tonneau Covers

Tool Box tonneau covers do exactly what their descriptive title implies. They are meant to serve a specific purpose and that is to cover the area of a truck bed not occupied by a tool box. The Tool Box Tonneau Covers available here are the best Tool Box Tonneau Covers on the market and will give years of service while allowing access to the tool box in the bed.

Access Tool Box Tonneau Covers:

Access Tool Box Tonneau Covers are built to sit behind most over-the-rail tool boxes that are 20 and 21 inches wide. Understanding the need and the importance of a tool box for many drivers, Access set out to deliver a product that could be used in conjunction with one. A Tool Box Tonneau Cover will fit directly behind the toolbox creating a tight seal, protecting your cargo from rain and snow. Access Tool Box Tonneau Covers offer all of the same benefits as their world class tonneau covers, such as the tension adjuster, clamps and the Velcro® side sealing. Access Tool Box Tonneau Covers will secure your freight from water, snow, dust and other debris while providing security to valuables within.

Extang Tool Box Tonneau Covers:

Extang Express Tool Box Tonneau Covers are engineered with special features that give instant truck bed security with great looks and outstanding tonneau cover performance. The Extang Express Tool Box Tonneau Cover is the world's most convenient and easy to use a roll-up style tonneau cover with revolutionary parts to provide a secure, no-nonsense setup in just seconds. The all-weather tapered design seeps off water for added security from the elements and increased gas mileage. An Extang Express Tool Box Tonneau Cover will pay for itself just in gas savings.

Extang Full-Tilt Tool Box Tonneau Covers are a great solution for truck owners who already own a tool box, regardless of the brand. The Extang Full-Tilt Tool Box Tonneau Cover fits most standard-sized tool boxes. Extang Full-Tilt Tool Box Tonneau Cover have the Extang-engineered anodized L-Channel™; an adjustable system that easily removes the tool box-to-tonneau gap for an ideal fit. The L-Channel™ also functions as a drain to leak off water.