Tonno Pro Tonneau Covers Come with Awesome Freebies

Tonno Pro Tonneau Covers are known for their versatility and cost efficiency. These tonneau covers are made in three different models- the Lo Roll cover which basically rolls back to the front side of the truck bed to open up your truck bed; the Hard Fold Cover which is made of three aluminum sub panels that are folded upwards to reveal the truck bed contents; and the Pro Tri Fold which functions just like the Hard Fold but is made of vinyl sections instead of aluminum panels.
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The Tonno Pro Tonneau Covers are made to last using premium materials and are built to create a low profile appearance for your truck bed. To keep them in this premium form and shape, Tonno Pro offers you free accessories that will help maintain your cover and manage cargo more easily.
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Pro Clean Vinyl Cleaner

The Pro Clean Vinyl cleaner is a tonneau cover cleaning agent produced by Tonno Pro itself. It is manufactured with the Tonno Pro tonneau cover's properties in mind. All Tonno Pro tonneau covers are made with vinyl material on top that will need maintenance to stay effective. The Tonno Pro Pro Clean Vinyl cleaner is able to maintain the shine of your vinyl cover for a longer time and keep the original appearance intact.

It will also prevent the vinyl material from drying and cracking hence maintaining the cover's ability to resist harmful UV rays. The fast cleaning formula used on Pro Clean Vinyl Cleaner ensures that even sticky stains are removed quickly.
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Tonnotorch Detachable Light

It goes without saying that having a light to use for your truck bed is highly necessary especially given the fact that you will not always be accessing the truck bed under broad daylight. The Tonnotorch detachable light is a free accessory you get with your purchase of any Tonno Pro Tonneau cover. It is a small sized but strong LED light that can be attached and detached from your truck bed walls when you are accessing it. The adhesive Velcro Mounting System at the back of the light makes the attaching process a no brainer.

Pro Gloves

When you have to handle dirty cargo in your truck bed or change a wheel sometimes it might be better to have a pair of gloves on rather than get your hand dirty. This is especially the case when you have something sticky or slimy such as oil to grab. Tonno Pro's Pro Gloves give you a healthier alternative when handling dirty items on your truck.
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Sure seal Tailgate Seal

If you feel the need to maximize on the security of your cargo, the Sureseal Tailgate seal is a useful additional component you can install on your tailgate. The seal is lined onto the edge of the tailgate near the bottom and side edges to make sure that the truck bed is completely off limits to elements such as water, snow and dust. It is made to seal tightly and accurately hence guaranteeing utmost protection

These four free accessories and other features make life easier when you are using your truck and they are all the more reason why you should consider Tonno Pro as your preferred tonneau cover supplier.

By: Sean Bowes
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