Titan Introduces In-Bed Diesel Fuel Tank

Titan Fuel Tanks designs and manufactures extra capacity and ultra-durable aftermarket fuel tanks using high quality polyethylene materials. Titan provides a wide selection of replacement fuel tanks that are specifically designed to integrate with as well as extend the fuel capacity of a broad range of truck models such as GMC, Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge vehicles.
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Titan Tanks not only manufactures transportable Polyethylene refueling tanks but also a variety of polymer-based automotive parts and accessories. Known for its innovation, Titan is introducing cross-linked polyethylene, In-Bed Diesel Fuel Tank. This new fuel tank is specifically designed to replace the Econoline’s OEM tank. Some of the salient benefits that come with this tank are that it weighs less, do not corrode and features a convenient drain plug among others.

Patent Pending

In-Bed Diesel Fuel Tank features a patent pending that makes it the kind of fuel tank you will go for. This fuel tank fits full-sizes, American made diesel trucks. It is virtually unaffected by the corrosive properties of biodiesel and diesel fuels in addition to fuel additives that have been known to affect the aluminum linings that is common in most steel diesel fuel tanks.

The fuel tank is specifically engineered to accommodate wide variety of diesel fuels and survive in the challenging conditions associated with off-road driving.


The fuel tank is manufactured from military-grade cross-linked polyethylene material that makes it strong and durable. Furthermore, the tank is fully baffled to prevent load shifting and has smooth, safe and contoured edges without shape pointed edges to fail under stress, rust or compromise structural integrity.

According to experts, in terms of thermal conductive, the polyethylene material is 200 times less compared to steel. Therefore, the insulating properties of the polymers not only boost mileage efficiency but also eliminate condensation by ensuring that the fuel is cooler and is close to the required optimal combustion temperatures. What is more, you can easily install the 60-gallon tank on your truck bed.

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According to said Adam Craig, of Thoroughbred Diesel, "In-bed steel tank can weigh up to 250 pounds empty and installing or removing one can be a real hassle… At just 51-pounds, our customers will be able to remove and reposition the Titan tank for optimum bed space utilization."

In order to enhance the end use security and safety, Titan fuel tank uses the modern technology in all of its design process in addition to the finite element analysis (FEA). FEA enables the performance of the tank to be measures against different dynamic stresses such as virtual crash testing.

By: Jon Aragon
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