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Recently, Titan Fuel Tanks has come to the diesel performance market as an economical and effective solution addressing the issue of fuel capacity in diesel trucks. If you have a short bed pick-up, this is exactly what you need. Titan Fuel Tanks are made from heavy-duty cross-linked polyethylene, they fit in the same cavity as your OEM tank and use your factory fuel gauge. Titan Tanks also offers an optional fuel tank guard that helps protect it from penetration from road debris. All Titan Fuel Tanks come with a and are approved in all 50 states.

These tanks offer the diesel truck owner the ability to increase their fuel quantity, thereby reducing the number and frequency of fuel fill-ups. Titan tanks are lightweight so they are easy to install and less expensive to ship.
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Get Titan Fuel Tank for a Comfortable Ride
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Titan fuel tank is the one of biggest aftermarket OEM fuel tank companies. Titan fuel tanks make use of common sense design that simply their installation. It re-utilizes most of the stock components, as well as the existing sending unit. All Titan tanks are specifically designed for easy installation. What is more? Titan fuel comes with the best warranty in the replacement tank industry. Save time, improve range and cut fuel costs with Titan fuel tank.
Titan Introduces In-Bed Diesel Fuel Tank
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In-Bed Fuel Tanks is the latest product from Titan Fuel Tanks that offers additional fuel. This fuel tank is manufactured using military-grade cross-linked polyethylene material that makes them strong and durable. It is unaffected by the corrosive properties of biodiesel and diesel fuels. It is specifically designed to extend the fuel capacity of a broad range of truck models such as GMC, Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge vehicles.

Titan Fuel Tanks - Company History

For years people asked if there was any way to get a larger fuel tank built into their new diesel pickup. For years, there wasn’t.

The Birth of Supertanks, LLC
Like customers at auto dealerships, many started to grow increasingly frustrated by this lack of fuel capacity and limited range. For those towing trailers or traveling long distances, this meant frequent stops and buying fuel from the closest and oft-times high-dollar stations. In 2003, when no one could find a suitable after-market tank, Supertanks decided to make one himself, and Supertanks was born.

Searching for the Ideal Fuel Tank
From the start, everyone wanted a lightweight tank that would fit perfectly and, at the least, double the vehicle’s fuel range – without taking up valuable cargo space in the bed or interfering with hitches or accessories, and without detracting from the vehicle’s beauty. The first TITAN™ Fuel Tanks were made of standard Linear Polyethylene similar to the original equipment tanks they would replace. Despite the fact that these early tanks were difficult to install and required a high degree of expertise as well as vehicle modifications (cutting and welding), customers came from far and wide to buy them.

The TITAN Tank – Double Fuel Capacity and Superior Impact Resistance
Two years later, when a chemical engineer suggested High-Density Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLHDPE), that was the solution. A space-age material that bonds on the molecular level, XLHDPE is chemical resistant and extremely durable. It made the TITAN Tank nearly indestructible, doubled fuel capacity, and extended vehicle range. It also made the five year warranty possible for Titan Tanks.

New Gen 5 Tanks
In 2007, Titan Fuel Tanks introduced its Gen 5 tanks with design modifications greatly easing installation and improving long-term performance. The lightweight tank (about 45 lbs. without hardware) can be easily maneuvered so a “driveway mechanic” can install it in 2-4 hours, depending on expertise.

Larger Capacity Tanks
In 2008, Titan Fuel Tanks expanded to a state-of-the-art facility, investing extensively in precision tooling and taking advantage of another opportunity to improve product design. This led to Titan Fuel Tanks latest “Super Series” line, which includes larger capacity tanks and further design innovations. TITAN has hundreds of dealers across the United States. TITAN Diesel Tanks are sold throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia, wherever American diesel trucks roll.

Titan Fuel Tanks