Super Swamper TrXuS STS Radial Tires

Super Swamper TrXuS STS Radial Tires

The TrXus STS (Three Stage Sidewall) is a distinctively designed tire that created a whole new level for all-terrain tires. The TrXuS STS is an all-terrain tire designed to give the consumer, who spends a lot of time on the road in their truck, jeep or SUV, a tire that works well on the street and offers good off-road performance. The TrXuS STS is an all-terrain tire and although it is not intended to be a substitute for the Super Swamper or Bogger, it does excel in snow and sand. The unique tread pattern of the TrXus STS, with its uncanny ability to “hook-up” in loose dirt has proven to be a beast in truck pulling competitions.

The TrXuS STS all-terrain tire has a distinctive side wall design that complements the unique tread pattern. Together, this package offers on and off-road performance that’s as good as it looks. The Interco TrXuS STS all-terrain tire is available in both bias and radial versions and is offered in an array of size combinations including those vehicles running large diameter wheels.

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  • Overall Diameter range of 29 to 38 inch tall tires
  • Rim Range of 15 to 22 inch diameter
  • All are a directional tread in the famous TSL (Three Stage Lug) design Tires
  • Black Sidewall
  • Tread Type: All Terrain