Super Swamper Thornbird Tires

Super Swamper Thornbird Tires

The Interco TSL Thornbird is one of the most aggressively designed off-road style tires for light trucks, jeeps and SUVs on the planet, and arguably the best looking one too. The Thornbird's gnarly 3 stage sidewall lugs (TSL) do not touch highway surfaces but as soon as the tire gets into mud or snow they provide decisive traction in forward or reverse. The intimidating tread design utilizes fiberglass belts under the tread that offers a wide highway contact area, together with polyester body plies contribute to a really smooth comfortable ride you wouldn't expect from such an aggressive tire.

The combination of its unique side-wall lugs and tread design make the Thornbird extremely versatile and comes close to making it two tires in one. Interco Thornbird's are offered in a variety of sizes combinations that come with either a 6 or 8 ply rating (dependent on size combination). Thornbirds were not designed to replace the Bogger or the Super Swamper, but rather to offer the consumer a tire that performs well off and on road. Thornbirds are without a doubt a member of Interco Tire Corporation's legendary tire line-up.

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  • 3 Stage Sidewall lugs
  • Decisive traction in forward and reverse for muddy and snow terrain
  • Fiberglass belts under the tread offers a wide highway contact area
  • Polyester body plies create a smooth, comfortable ride