Super Swamper Takes Over Truck and Jeep Fest

super swamperLast year, Super Swamper made a big showing at Truck and Jeep Fest.
Down in the thick, swamplands of Louisiana, the Interco Tire Corporation has been producing high performance tires for use on four wheel drive light trucks and ATVs since 1968. Over the years, they’ve developed a number of highly reputable styles, but none have garnered as much attention as the Super Swamper line. In fact, Super Swamper Tires have become so popular that they will be a featured product on this year’s Truck and Jeep Fest.

What Is the Truck and Jeep Fest?

The gear head acclaimed Truck and Jeep Fest is currently the nation’s largest off-road show. This year, the show has 8 scheduled stops on their North American journey. These visits are scheduled over a seven month period and include:

  • San Mateo, California: February 22nd-23rd
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: March 8th-9th
  • Puyallup, West Virginia: April 5th-6th  
  • Dallas, Texas: May 17th-18th
  • Ontario, Canada: June 7th-8th
  • Denver, Colorado: July 12th-13th
  • Atlanta, Georgia: August 2nd-3rd
  • Orlando, Florida: August 23rd- 24th
super swamperSuper Swamper is as good as it gets for mudding tires!
Each and every one of these scheduled stops is designed for one thing: to please truck enthusiasts. That is why there is no admission price to enter any of the shows! Show director, Greg Adler, says, “If you love off-roading, you’ll have a great time at the nation’s largest off-road show. At Truck and Jeep Fest, you can see awesome rigs on display, make new friends, learn about off-road gear, and save money on the products you want. Admission is free and it’s fun for the whole family.”

Adding to the insanity of Truck and Jeep Fest 2014 are all of the featured events within each show. The Truck and Jeep Fest is scheduled to feature hourly giveaways and product demonstrations that will help onlookers get a feel for the strength, power, and capabilities of each of the showcased products.

Adler says, “You can spend the whole day checking out rigs and equipment, while hanging out with other off-roaders. You can also meet special guests, race an RC truck, make new friends, and more.” Basically, it has everything that an off-road junkie could want.

At the event, there will be over $100,000 of on-site inventory and no name is bigger amongst off-roaders than the Interco Super Swamper Tires. With more than a dozen variations, the Super Swamper tires are specifically designed and detailed to handle any outdoor element, which is a perfect fit for spectators that are looking for the very best at the Truck and Jeep Fest show.

By: Tim Snyder
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