Soft Roll Up or Folding Roll Up, Which Truxedo Tonneau Cover Suits You?

As a truck driver you want a tonneau cover that will work well, install easily, last long and look good while doing it. If you are as keen on picking a tonneau cover as you would be when fitting into a new tux, then Truxedo tonneau covers should be your ultimate choice. They are roll up tonneau covers that are made with premium materials that have the qualities of a long lasting truck cover. In addition to this, they come with added tools and accessories to make cargo transportation a piece of cake. Truxedo products can be categorized into three main classes according to how they are used: soft roll-up covers, folding roll up covers and extra storage facilities. For today, we shall discuss the features that differentiate soft roll up covers and folding covers and how much more variety there is within each category.
black tonneau cover with cleaning prouct

Soft Roll-Up Covers

There are three soft roll up cover models manufactured and distributed by Truxedo, namely the Truxedo Truxport, Truxedo Edge and Truxedo Lo Pro. Despite the fact that they are each operated by a simple roll up procedure, they also have additional features that make them distinct from each other.

The Lo Pro QT is as sturdy as the other tonneau covers but maintains its tension levels automatically. That’s right! This soft roll-up leather grain tonneau cover is made with a patented tension control mechanism that keeps it tight as long as surrounding temperatures range between 20 degrees and 120 degrees. The Edge on the other hand is attached at a higher level above the bed rails, thus adding a little more room below the cover for cargo items. It also has an arched aerodynamically enhanced shape that makes it a fuel saving option with a sleeker appeal. For anyone looking for a more commercial low cost option, the Truxsport would be the best recommendation. It packs up the same features as most of the other covers while giving you pre-set tension control levels.
black tonneau cover on black truck

Folding Roll-Up Covers

The one and only folding roll up cover from Truxedo is the Truxedo Deuce. Unlike many folding covers in the industry, the Truxedo Deuce is made with soft material hence making it easier and lighter to operate than aluminum folding covers. In addition to this, the lightweight nature of the cover improves gas mileage for your truck by 10 percent. Just like the Lo Pro QT, the Truxedo Deuce is made with automatic tension control, hence keeping it as taut and impenetrable as a hard folding cover. And just to add to this, it is fitted with weather seals on the side to eliminate any security risks and chances of weather elements like rain and mud entering into the bed.
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As you can see, both folding roll up covers and soft roll up cover present the utmost advantages in their own ways. The choice on which better suits you will depend on your personal preferences in tonneau cover functionality.

By: Sean Bowes
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