Roll N Lock Truck Bed Covers Maintenance Tips

Roll N Lock Truck Bed Covers
Roll N Lock tonneau covers have been around since 1992 providing truck owners with the ultimate protection of the truck bed when on the road. The company is responsible for some of the innovations in the industry throughout the years it has been around. Roll N Lock covers come in different designs that need to be taken care of if they are to provide the expected protection. Below are some of the few things you could do to ensure your Roll N Lock cover is in good condition.

Clean the cover

Roll N Lock Truck Bed Covers
Because the cover comes into contact with varying elements, you will need to protect it if it is to last longer. One of the best ways to do this is to apply 303 Aerospace protectant to the tracks and on top of the cover. This helps to clean up the cover and protects it against any elements you may encounter on the road. The protectant also ensures that the cover is operating smoothly.

In addition to using the protectant, you need to sweep through the cover regularly just to get rid of the small elements that may have been collected. This gives the cover a clean look and prevents the elements from collecting themselves and interfering with the functioning of the cover.

Clean the Housing

One of the most overlooked parts when cleaning up tonneau covers is the housing. You must clean it regularly if you want the cover to perform as needed. To clean the housing, you will first have to remove the lid screws. With the screws out, slide the lid towards the cab and lift it up. You will now have access to the housing.

Clean the Drain Tubes

Roll N Lock Truck Bed Covers
Tonneau covers are bombarded with a number of elements often with effects that may not be seen easily. One such place where you may notice these effects are in the drain tubes. To prevent leaves and debris from accumulating on the drain tubes, regularly clean the tubes especially if you are an off roader. When not cleaned, the debris may interfere with the drainage of water that may end up damaging your cover.

While still on the drain tubes, check them out to ensure water passes through them smoothly and does not accumulate on the housing. This may be caused by a number of factors, with bends on the pipes being the major one. If there is accumulated water, drain it out and replace the pipe if you have to.

By: James Langston
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