The Rockstar 2 Wheels

The latest line from XD: the XD811 Rockstar II

The History of Innovation at Rockstar

Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Edison, Hugh Hefner…what did they all have in common? They were all innovators that pushed the boundaries of how people thought. Today, Rockstar is one of the leading innovators amongst wheel brands. It was Originally founded in 1982 and operated out of Riverside, California. Over the years, the company has gained steam and become one of the leading producers of great alloy and steel wheels. At the beginning of the 2000s, wheel manufacturers were churning out chrome wheels, but they sensed that this would be coming to an end. Consequently, Rockstar Wheels rose to the forefront by developing an alternative option: black wheels.

The Rockstar Wheel line

Today, black wheels are some of the bestselling wheels on the market. But, Rockstar is once again spearheading a movement into the future. Currently, they are building off of the success of the Rockstar line that features the  XD775 Rockstar - Machined and the XD775 Rockstar Dually- Matte Black. But is now offering their latest style: the XD811 Rockstar II.


The Rockstar 2 Wheels are HERE!!

The XD811 Rockstar II wheel still offers the same strength, durability, and trademark star that are standard with Rockstars. However, these are unique because they have combined different elements to create the latest, hottest style for trucks and SUVs. The Rockstar II comes in a five spoke, bead lock design and also offers variations in color. Rockstar is still keeping the sheikh black wheel, but they are now including a mixture of other colors (like red). Also, these wheels feature stylish center caps, valve stems, and adjustable plastic ribs. The Rockstar II wheels are currently comparably priced to other wheels on the market, which is a steal considering the reliability and design of Rockstar wheels. Going with Rockstars latest wheel is sure to turn heads and get people talking. Nothing is better than being the first to set a trend.

Driving enthusiasts are lining up for the new Rockstar 2 wheel.
Like Rockstar, 4wheelonline is always one step ahead of the game. If you have any questions about the XD811 Rockstar II wheel, or any other questions about wheels or auto part products, feel free to e-mail us anytime.

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