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Rockstar Wheels Now 40% Off and $40 Cash Back plus Ships Free. Rockstar Wheels are one of the most well recognized wheels on the road today, and of all wheel brands and styles is also one of the most purchased. Rockstar Rims are a part of the Wheel Pros Brands. A hallmark feature of the Rockstar Wheels is the recognizable star in the center. Rockstar Rims have set the design trend for great looking Truck, Jeep and SUV wheels.

Rockstar Wheels Articles and Reviews
Rockstar Wheels: From Rockstar I to Rockstar II
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The fascinating thing about Rockstar wheels is that they have an easily identifiable structure. They feature a design that fuses perfectly with well known truck tire brands such as the Nitto Mud Grappler. Because of Rockstar wheels’ record for taking champions successfully through off road competitions, the wheels are a favorite amongst off road racers. Read More...
Give Your Car the Best with Rockstar Wheels
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Are you a racing enthusiast and you are in love with the roar of big engines in addition to the blazing trail of very powerful machines or if you are a racer yourself, and you want to give your car the best, then go for Rockstar wheels. From the, you will have the opportunity to choose Rockstar wheel for just any make and model of your car with unmatched function and flair. You will enjoy your ride around the town with these fantastic wheels.
XD Releases New Rockstar 811 Black  Machined Wheel
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KMC Wheels is one of today’s biggest and most exciting wheel brands. KMC has got their fingerprints on everything from NASCAR to off-road racing to Monster Truck records. This, of course, is no accident. Everyone wants a part of KMC and their critically acclaimed, high performance wheels. This month, KMC is once again making headline news by adding to this esteemed line-up with the beautifully crafted Rockstar 811 Black and Machined Wheel. To check out more about this wheel, click here and read more.
What’s Hot About KMC’s New Black Rockstar II Wheels XD811
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We first saw the XD775 Rockstar wheel series in 2006 as the first line of wheels under the Rockstar brand and it blew our minds. It has all the characteristics of a real ground crusher. . It hasn’t taken long for KMC to head back into the factory and pull out another amazing wheel; the XD811 Rockstar II.
Characteristics of KMC Rockstar Wheels
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KMC Rock Star wheels are trend setters in the world of automobile wheels. These cool and hip wheels , known by its characteristic Star design at the Centre cap, are made from hardy steel and a variety of metal alloys. They come with distinctive superior finishes on the wheels, such as Pure Black, Matte Black and Chrome for that stylish touch. They are a great companion for off-road adventures through its 5-split spoke design that gives better traction.
Rockstar Wheels Rolls Out Loud New Styles
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Loud music, late nights and hot chicks; it’s no secret that living the life of a rock star has its perks. If you’re a truck enthusiast who appreciates the wild lifestyle of a rock n’ roller, then you need to check out the latest rims from Rockstar Wheels. For many “rockers,” living the heavy metal life means throwing a Guns N Roses tape in the 8-track and letting their hair hang down from their bandanas. Luckily, there is a cooler way to show your love for rockin’ out
XD Rockstar II Bright PVD Wheel is Released by KMC
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Over the last decade, KMC has surged to the top of the aftermarket wheels industry. KMC has become so clamored for that now some of today’s best and most legendary riders have signed on. They’ve made this happen through a combination of great products and great performance. Now, they are at it once again with the release of their latest product, the XD Rockstar II Bright PVD Wheel. Check out the full details here
Rockstar Wheels Helps Set Monster Truck World Record
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If you’re shopping for a new wheel, you should consider the strength and durability of the KMC Rockstar line. Recently, the KMC Rockstar showcased its capabilities by helping Joe Sylvester set a new world record. Check out our article to find out more.
The Rockstar 2 Wheels
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Check out the New Rockstar 2 Wheels. Rockstar has always been a trend setter and a standard of reliability. Rockstar was the company blazing the path for the popularity of black wheels. Today, black wheels are a sleek and stylish alternative to chrome wheels, and many people have made the switch to the hip and modern black wheels. Now, Rockstar has come out with the XD811 Rockstar 2 wheels, which is creating waves among consumers and manufacturers.

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Rockstar Rims are available in both black and chrome rim finishes and are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Own a dually truck? No problem! Rockstar offers Dually versions of their wheels too! The legendary Rockstar XD775 is about to be joined by a New Rockstar, the XD811. Click the image below to see the new Rockstar XD811 Wheel.

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