Rockstar Wheels

Rockstar Wheels 2 Day Sale - Now 40% Off and Ship Free. Rockstar Wheels are one of the most well recognized wheels on the road today, and of all wheel brands and styles is also one of the most purchased. XD Rockstar Rims are a part of the KMC Brand. A hallmark feature of the XD Rockstar Wheels is the recognizable star in the center. XD Rockstar Rims have set the design trend for great looking Truck, Jeep and SUV wheels.

Rockstar Rims

Rockstar Rims are available in both black and chrome rim finishes and are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Own a dually truck? No problem! Rockstar offers Dually versions of their wheels too! The legendary Rockstar XD775 is about to be joined by a New Rockstar, the XD811. View all Rockstar Wheels below.

KMC Rockstar Articles and Reviews
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If you’re shopping for a new wheel, you should consider the strength and durability of the KMC Rockstar line. Recently, the KMC Rockstar showcased its capabilities by helping Joe Sylvester set a new world record. Check out our article to find out more.
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KMC has always been a trend setter and a standard of reliability. KMC was the company blazing the path for the popularity of black wheels. Today, black wheels are a sleek and stylish alternative to chrome wheels, and many people have made the switch to the hip and modern black wheels. Now, KMC has come out with the KMC XD811 Rockstar 2 wheels, which is creating waves among consumers and manufacturers.

Rockstar XD 775 Rims

The XD Rockstar Rims are one of the most popular and sought after rims in the market today. Rockstar Began with the Classic XD 775 Matt Black, Machined, and the Chrome XD775 for trucks and SUV's. Soon the Line expanded to Include the XD 775 for cars, available in 17 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch and 22 inch sizes. After that Rockstar offered this classic wheel for the Dually, with the Dually Matt Black or Chrome XD 775.

Rockstar 2 Rims XD811

Recently we have seen the release of the Rockstar 2 XD811. Rockstar 2 Rims are currently only offered in a Satin Black Wheel. available in 17 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, and 24 inch sizes. This XD 811 Wheel features a new bolt on accent piece which can be removed if preferred.

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