Reasons Why Extang Tonneau Covers Are Popular

Reasons Why Extang Tonneau Covers Are Popular

Extang tonneau covers are some of the most popular tonneau covers and can be found on most trucks compared to covers from other companies. The main reason why most truck owners prefer these covers by Extang is because they are of high quality and are durable. Extang has specialized on soft bed covers and thus has managed to make its products affordable to most drivers. Apart from quality, low prices and durability, there are a few other features that make the Extang covers unique compared to others on the market. Below are just five of such features.
Extang tonneau covers

Different Sealing Methods

Different trucks have different truck bed designs meaning that no one accessory fits all. That is why Extang offers a wide range of sealing methods for its covers. This is especially important since these are soft covers. Providing different sealing methods allow you to keep dirt and water away keeping your truck bed and cargo safe.

To Snap or Not

When it comes to tonneau covers, different methods can be used to close them. Most tonneau covers on the market have the snap closing system. Snap closing is perfect in most cases but can be quite a challenge in some cases. That is why the experienced truck owners will go for other methods. Extang offers several closing methods to ensure quick access to the truck bed and better seals for guaranteed protection of your cargo. Don’t get it wrong, snap closing is not that bed but before you go for such covers, you need to know there are better options out there.
Extang tonneau covers

Many Color Options

For a long time, tonneau covers have been available in black only. Extang changed all this and has a number of colour options to choose from. This means that you have the option of choosing the colour that matches well with your truck and personality.

No More Wrinkles

With Extang covers, you do not have to worry about wrinkles anymore. Each cover has a way to straighten itself to keep the wrinkles out. This is possible thanks to the supports and tensioners that keep the cover tight at all times. This helps to keep off water and dirt while preventing it from looking droopy.
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Hard Covers Are Available

Extang has two hard covers for those who prefer them. Both these covers have the folding feature that makes it easier to haul tall and heavy cargo while providing easy access to the truck bed. This means that you can now carry your cargo anywhere you go without worrying about accessing the truck bed.

By: Sean Bowes
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